‘Kujira to Ikiru’ (Living with Whales) premiered Sunday on Japanese TV: A documentary about Taiji whalers after ‘The Cove’

Sunday night, May 22, NHK* TV broadcast a new documentary about whaling, Kujira to Ikiru (Living with Whales). The film was shot in Taiji, a town famous for its 400-year whaling tradition, and more recently for its dolphin hunting – the focus of last year’s Oscar-winning documentary, ‘The Cove’. Whereas ‘The Cove’ focused on the plight of dolphins, this film is concerned with the whalers and their families. It is a story of personal and familial upheaval under the enormous anger focused on this small town for conducting their traditional pursuits.

Kujira to Ikiru follows the whalers of Taiji over the last whaling season, September 2010-February 2011. [See below for a basic description of Taiji whaling.] Scenes from their daily life are interwoven with scenes from ‘The Cove,’ more recent scenes of conflict with members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and scenes of whalers and their families. Continue reading


18 Classes You May Have Overlooked When Registering for Summer & Fall Semesters at Glendale Community College Main Campus

Before you finalize your summer and fall schedules, you need to read through these 18 classes that you may not have thought about before. This list has a little bit for everyone whether you are creative, a bit nervous about college or looking to get into shape. Complete with photos & videos, this list is sure to get you thinking about registering for next semester. But sign up soon, now that this list is out, classes may fill up fast!

If you’ve found other awesome classes that you’d like to share, please leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite courses at Glendale Community College are! Continue reading

What are you most excited about today?

Glendale Community College always has so many events going on but today we are most excited about the Journey to Planet Earth: State of the Planet movie and discussion at 2 p.m. in Physical Science 176!

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Screenplay Search

Are you looking for your big break? This summer, you can have the movie you scripted come to life with the help of other Glendale Community College students.

GCC’s Theatre and Video Production Technology departments have teamed up to produce at least two student-written screenplays. The screenplays will be produced with film acting student actors by the video production advanced directing class.

In order to have your screenplay considered, follow these guidelines:

1. Scripts must be submitted before the end of Spring Semester and may come from any interested student.

2. Scripts must be submitted in Film Format.

3. Scripts should be from 10-20 pages and they must tell a complete story.

4. The script would be best with no more than two leads and several supporting roles that can be played by either sex.

5. Limit locations, one is best. For example: in and around a house or the school stadium.

6. Content should be acceptable to the administration, suitable for YouTube, and MCTV – meaning PG-13 in relation to sexual issues, R-for language (though PG-13 would be best). Graphic or gratuitous violence is not recommended.

7. Scripts should be submitted with a cover page with the writer’s contact information. Judgment of the scripts will be blind, so the header on the script itself should contain only the title and page number. Scripts with identifying information will not be submitted for consideration.

8. Final selection will be made before start of summer classes. If nothing suitable is submitted, we will shoot something selected by the staff.

Scripts should be emailed in Microsoft Word format to David Seitz david.seitz@gcmail.maricopa.edu or James Brandt brandtmedia@yahoo.com.

Registering for the following classes is not required, but you may want to consider it for the full production experience!
THP210 – Acting for TV & Film
VPT206 – Producing & Directing

And That’s Why I Recycle

Another video contest! Sponsored by Green Efforts, this contest has different categories: humorous/funny, creative and school spirit. The winner of each category will win $100 cash.

You may submit up to two videos, DVD format, to the drop off location on the second floor of the LS building by March 11.

Your video must have a title, be 1-3 minutes in length, use the slogan “And That’s Why I Recycle” and incorporate a flip-flop as a prop.

For more information, e-mail polly.laubach@gcmail.maricopa.edu.

Good luck Gauchos!