My Interning Experience with GCC’S College Advancement Services

When it comes to school, I feel like we go into a lot of experiences not really having any concrete vision of what we’ll end up with in the end. Sure we know the basics. For instance, I’m just two classes away from obtaining my Associates in Public Relations. Do I completely have a grasp on everything correlated to Public Relations? Absolutely not. But that’s what’s so rewarding and eye opening about interning within your field. Slowly and surely you come closer and closer to learning more and more aspects of your field. Luckily, my internship was through my school—it was actually required for my degree, so I didn’t have to go through the leg work of searching for it. I interned from September to December.

Throughout my internship I got a closer look at the art of being pithy and timely; and just how crucial both of those skills are. You also have to be strategic when it comes to posting on social media to ensure that you get the most views and responses. One of my most favorite experiences interning with GCC’s College Advancement Services was having to be the face of the monthly video segment, “Gaucho Lowdown,” the entire experience was completely out of my comfort zone and the first time I did it, I felt completely unprepared and overwhelmed. I was on camera for the first time, reading off of a teleprompter for the first time, there were just so many firsts that I was so unprepared for. But it gave me a glimpse on how it could be in the real world. You never know when you’ll just have to rise to the occasion, and nine out of ten times it will be when you’re totally not expecting having to. I find those types of experiences the most fulfilling.

Anytime you’re thrown into situations that may feel utterly out of your comfort zone—instead of going with your initial instinct of running away from it, embrace all of those moments. Especially the ones that make you feel uneasy. That said, my internship experience was not only gratifying for me academically but also worthwhile for me personally. I learned a lot about my capabilities in such a short amount of time, I’m definitely excited to see what other boundaries I can break on my PR journey. The internship marks the beginning!

If you’re interested in seeing my infamous first foray with the “Gaucho Lowdown,” here it is in all its glory:

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10 tips to be successful in college

Here we are, kicking off the start to another semester or year of college. Whether you’re a brand new student, or a returning student, here are 10 tips to being successful in your college career.

  1. Study! Whether it is in groups or by yourself, studying is not overrated and it really works. It is impossible to get good grades in college without really studying the material.
  2. Take the time to figure out which way you learn best. In my English 101 class, we did an essay on our learning styles. I found this very useful because it allowed me to explore the different ways everyone learns. I found out that I am an auditory learner, which means I learn best by hearing things. Because of this, I have really made an effort to listen in class and take notes in order to help me remember what I heard during class. Finding out your learning style will help you reach your full potential in all your classes.
  3. Don’t procrastinate. I know, I know, this one is hard. Coming from a fellow procrastinator, this is going to be the most difficult to overcome. However, it will be so worth it. In college, you get a lot of your assignments in advance. This is for a reason. Using the most time as possible to complete the assignment, will allow you to do your best and in turn, receive the best grade for it. Also, college has a lot of deadlines other than assignments. Scholarships, graduation, and enrollment all have deadlines. Not procrastinating will better your chances of avoiding the headache you receive when you miss one of these deadlines.
  4. Get to know the different types of teachers. Just like high school, college has those teachers that are easier, and the ones that are harder. Knowing what kind of teacher you are working with will allow you to know what kind of things you need to work on to get your two styles to mesh. For example, I have a teacher that is very harsh on grading grammar, but when I write, I pay more attention to content. Learning that she is more harsh on grammar, has forced me to pay more attention to that as well. I maximize my chances of success by learning about her teaching/grading styles.
  5. Turn off all competing distractions while studying. When I study, I like to have three different social networking sites, music, and my phone are all available to me. However, I have found that when I turn all of that off, I retain more knowledge. Go figure!
  6. Try to eat healthier. Eating healthy is not only good for your body, but for your brain too! It’s not a myth! Even if it’s just doing one thing like cutting out soda, or eating breakfast everyday, it will make a difference.
  7. Get enough sleep every night. Getting adequate sleep will allow you to fully use your brain and concentrate in class. Like eating healthier, the powers of sleep are not a myth.
  8. Exercise. I am a firm believer in exercise for many reasons. First, it allows for an outlet when you’re stressed. It is a quick, thirty-minute break, at the least, from whatever is on your brain. Everyone needs a break sometimes. It also helps you sleep better at night so you can accomplish number 7!
  9. Pay attention to your grades before the last week of class. Nothing annoys the teachers more than when you’re only willing to do extra credit during the last week of class because you just noticed you have a D. Most of the time that extra credit will not be available anymore. Keeping track of your grades before the last week will obviously avoid this problem.
  10. The most cliché-have fun! College is a great time in your life. Not only can you expand your knowledge skills, but your social ones as well. Take time to talk to the people in your classes. Classes are more fun when you look forward to going to them because you have made a few new friends. You can learn just as much from them as you can your teacher. It also helps to know people to create study groups.

Smokers overlook important key to quitting : One reason why 95 percent of smokers try and fail to kick the habit

Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking and failed is in good company. A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Magazine found 70 percent of current smokers want to quit, and only 3 to 5 percent of those who try to quit smoking remain smoke-free after one year.

My mother has tried to quit smoking many times. There have been occasions when she had successfully quit for months. She says smoking is just something she enjoys with a cup of coffee, after meals or socially. As an observer, I know that as long as there is no stress in her life she is able to resist. Stressful situations are her undoing. She worries about a lot of things: illnesses, events, money and the stress she hears about in other people’s lives. It does not take much before she is back smoking. Smoking is a “go-to” impulse she uses to calm down and relax her nerves. My brother is the same way. Both my mom and brother are trying to quit again. Continue reading


The definition of courage is the quality of mind, or spirit, that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, without fear; bravery. It is also the heart as the source of emotion.

Hello my fellow GCC friends! It’s so wonderful to be writing to you again, can you believe how fast this spring semester is flying by? But then again… For every individual it’s different. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a single mother raising a child while working and going to school full-time? That is the most admirable act of courage I know, which brings me to the thesis of my blog: courage.

Have the courage to be wrong; how else will you learn?

What is interesting and quite incredible, is that we all perform acts of courage every day. Such as having the courage to stand out at work and display leadership abilities then use those abilities to pursue your fullest potential, whatever they may be for you.

You show courage, when you open up and talk to a stranger, or even help out around the house. These are simple acts of self-less courage, and are very fulfilling. Think about it, nowhere is it written that you must perform acts of courage. You can go through your day and stick to your same routine. But when we go outside ourselves, such as adding change to our old routines and especially standing up for yourself, this is courage, my friends!

For me, learning simple acts of courage was such a challenge. I was terrified to raise my hand in the classroom; I felt stupid, inadequate and that I couldn’t contribute. I felt I had no business in the classroom whatsoever. My education could have ended right then, in my first college course, Philosophy 101. But ironically enough, philosophy was the right class for me to be in at the right time. First, I had an outstanding professor who really challenged to entire class to speak up, as he said, “Have the courage to be wrong; how else will you learn?”

That statement stuck with me like glue, and inch by inch, yard by yard, I began chipping away at my own self-doubts and made improvements bit by bit, each day in class. In all honesty, it wasn’t but a few weeks into the course that I went from not being able to raise my hand to not being able to keep the damn thing down! Now that’s courage.

So, to all my fellow peers who have a vision, but your self-doubt is keeping you from working toward it, realize my friends, you have courage, we all do, and we will all get there, together.

The Road to Loving Yourself

Helping others is a very intrinsic satisfying part of life, but it is not the end all to loving yourself. To love oneself is most important in life, being selfish is not a sin, but rather is a sign of self-confidence in my opinion. It means you are comfortable in your own skin. Being selfish does not mean you are narcissistic necessarily, but rather, you are comfortable in your own skin, and you take care of yourself.

As I look around the halls, and classrooms, and departments of colleges, I see alot of burned out and tired people, whose bodies and minds are crying out for a break. Now while it’s important to work hard to support yourself, and accomplish your goals, isn’t there more to life than work? I certaintly think so. Don’t be a college burn out. Take rests, nothing is more important than your health. Believe me people, you don’t know it until you lose it, but your health and family is what counts most.

So in the long run, at the end of the day, at the end of your run, at the end of your career, and well into retirement. By not working too hard early on I believe you will accomplish more in the long run.