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Scott Schulz is the Director of Career and Educational Planning Services at Glendale Community College.

Find a Job Fast

Let’s face it; most of us have a tough time asking someone for help.  We feel like we need to “go it alone,” rather than, except that others may have more skill in a particular area.  Looking for a job, or even an internship, in today’s economy requires a tactical, creative, diverse and collaborative strategic approach.  Granted, it should not be “What can you do for me?” but rather, “Can you assist me in achieving my career objective?”

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Internships: Opening Career Doors

Students, recent graduates and career changers are often undecided about their career goals or confronted with lacking experience in their chosen career field. They have spent countless hours in the classroom, studying, writing papers and completing projects to prepare for a new career, yet sometimes find it difficult to obtain that first job.

According to Marilyn Mackes, the executive director of National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), “Participating in an internship can help students decide if they really are suited for a particular profession or organization.”

In turn, employers can assess student performance on-site and in their corporate culture and, if they like what they see, can work to convert the student into a full-time employee upon graduation. Traditionally, when the words internship, career work experience or cooperative education are mentioned, the general assumption is that these opportunities only apply to young college students who are just embarking on their education and career. However, with the rise in individuals seeking to re-career due to changes in the economy or personal choice, internships can be valuable to anyone, regardless of age.

To explore internship opportunities, individuals can contact Glendale Community College to determine what courses/options are available.

Disney College Program

The Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World® Resort is truly a one-of-a kind experience. Participants in the program will have the unique opportunity to work at DisneyTheme Parks and Resorts, live in a community with participants from around the world, take classes which could earn them college credit, learn transferable skills, network with leaders of a Fortune™ 100 company, gain real-world experience, be a part of a team of Cast Members from hundreds of job disciplines, and have fun while doing it all. For an overview of the program, click here.

Through this program, students have the opportunity to work with the Disney Corporation, which BusinessWeek has recognized as the “Best Place to Launch a Career.”

You can learn more in the presentation at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8 in Student Union 104 A, B & C. During these informative sessions, you will learn about the application process, benefits of working at Disney and answer any questions you may have about the program.  Parents are also welcome to attend the event.

Even if you’re not interested in an internship with Disney, finding a summer job or internship can be very beneficial to your future career. I’ve also written tips and advice on how to land such opportunities and I’ve written about how internships can benefit you.

Exploring Career Options

Ever wonder what other career opportunities await you? Whether you have recently graduated high school or are looking for a career change, the Arizona Department of Education has a valuable career exploration tool for you.

The Arizona Career Information System (AZCIS) allows you to research occupational information, including job duties, job outlook, salary information, educational requirements, as well as many other topics. You can even view a short video, which provides greater detail on specific occupations. You can also explore schools and financial aid opportunities throughout Arizona, as well as the whole country. This interactive website assists you with making informed career decisions. Take a break from your job search and explore what opportunities await you. When your career choice matches your interests, values and skills, you and your employer will be happy!

To use the Arizona Career Information System, please visit: http://www.azcis.intocareers.org

You can use the following login information:
Username: glendalecc
Password: 4azcis02

For additional career-related or training information, feel free to visit any of the Glendale Community College career center.