About Nicola Perry

I'm a multi-sport athlete as long as it doesn’t involve hand-eye coordination or a ball. I love yoga and all that it does for a body and soul! I believe whole-heartedly in the value and need for strength training for women. One way to balance a bigger bottom is to widen your top! I have a M.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Wellness, from ASU, earned before the new millennium. In addition, I have a B.S., also from ASU, in Justice Studies and am currently two years into a Ph.D. program in Higher Education Leadership. I've served as Manager of Fitness & Wellness at Glendale Community College since 2005, and before that at Phoenix College since 2000 and have taught as Adjunct Faculty, inspiring others to reach their fitness and health goals, since 1999.

Getting Back on the Wagon: The Road to Fitness at GCC

NamasteLet me start by saying this: being healthy isn’t any easier for us ‘fitness folks.’

I’m talking about finding time to exercise in the midst of your everyday life. I get it, believe me, I do. Your day is hectic; it takes you an hour just to walk out the door, let alone squeeze exercising in before you head to work. Maybe you plan on hitting the gym on the way home; instead there’s no milk in the house or salad for dinner. The best of intentions but next thing you know, the day is over.

This isn’t the big sell: “Exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself all day.” We already know this. But knowing and doing are different, and I’m here to say, it’s okay if you need a day to run around and get all these errands done.

But string too many of these days together, and inertia takes over. Newton’s First Law of Physics: An object at rest will tend to stay at rest; an object in motion will tend to stay in motion. We’ve been there, all of us. Getting back to the gym, or to whatever constitutes your exercise routine, is so hard that first week. Even for us ‘fitness folks.’

Ultimately, only you know how long it’s been since you’ve had your requisite 30-60 minutes of daily activity (it’s all about intensity – I’ll tackle that in my next blog), but as my very sage friend likes to say, “If you don’t squeeze those glutes, no one else will.” Start with 15 minutes at home, twice a day, and there’s your 30. Pretty soon, you’ll be back in the swing of things in no time. And if you don’t know what a glute is, come visit us in the Fitness Center at Glendale Community College.