About GCC

Glendale Community College

Each year more than 32,000 students choose to attend GCC. That’s an honor we take very seriously. We love that so many give us the opportunity to help launch their future. Our faculty and staff are flattered time and time again when we earn the right to help students.
So if you’re a current student – thank you for coming!
If you’re thinking about going to college – thanks for reading about GCC; we hope you make this your alma matter soon!

How did we start?
Glendale Community College has played a significant role in the development of our surrounding communities since our dedication in 1965. From learning more on a particular subject to earning a degree or certificate to preparing for a new career or transfer to a university, GCC students are hard at work, making life happen.
With our main campus and GCC North locations, class and programs offered throughout the West valley, an exceptional faculty and helpful student services, we stand ready to provide each student with the knowledge, skills and support they will need to succeed in the classroom and the world beyond it.

What do we offer?
Well, we offer more than 60 degree programs, more than 70 certificate programs and more than 1,100 individual courses. If you want specifics, go here.

If you just can’t get enough info about us, visit http://www.gccaz.edu.

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