Day Trip’n: Part 2

IMG_20140725_140516759Friday and Saturday we followed the “Freedom Route” which traces the path of the start of the Mexican War of Independence in 1810. It all officially started with Miguel Hidalgo giving the “grito” in the town of Dolores Hidalgo. We visited his house that is now a museum. We stood in front of the famous church where Hidalgo called on the people to rise up in rebellion. And we ate a lot of ice cream. It turns out that Dolores Hidago is also famous for its ice cream. As a lover of ice cream I felt that it was my duty to sample many of the flavors. The thing that makes the ice cream here so well known is the variety of flavors. They have sweet and savory, think of a flavor and you can probably find it here. I sampled the following flavors:IMG_20140725_121120176

  • avocado ice cream (surprisingly yummy)
  • shrimp and octopus ice cream (not surprisingly rather gross)
  • and rose petal ice cream (reminded me a lot of a rose lassi, different but good)

Atotonilco, a very small pueblo, was our next stop. They have a very beautiful mission style church and a small mercado (market) with lots of religious merchandise. Apparently they had just had a big festival the previous week so the town was decorated with flowers and streamers. It looked like something out of a movie.

San Miguel de Allende was our last stop. This town is significant religiously, artistically and historically. There are something like 20 different Catholic churches just in the historic downtown. Each church has its own style and it was fun to compare them. The town has a very strong artesian community and draws artists from all over the world. That and the pleasant climate contribute to the high population of ex-pats who retire there.

We were lucky enough to be in San Miguel de Allende (SMA) for the opening night of an international film festival. Lovinder was in his element. There were free showings of documentaries, shorts and full length films from all over the world. There were street parties, concerts and promotional events too. It was all very interesting.



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