Sometimes it’s the little things

Every once in a while something jumps out at me here, reminding me that I’m not at home in the U.S. (not bad, just unfamiliar). For example:

Sitting in a little café, drinking mint tea and listening to Jason Mraz on the house sound system when it hits me that I might be the only person in this crowed room with blue eyes.

Sitting down at a restaurant and only seeing the salt shaker, no pepper shaker.

IMG_20140715_101059406_HDRSeeing the huge blocks of ice being delivered to the street vendors (this is really foreign to an AZ girl).

Watching a TV show and not getting the joke because it was in Spanish and they don’t teach those kinds of words in the classroom.

IMG_20140716_091949205Not having reliable wifi and getting really frustrated when you can’t access really important websites, like Facebook, Youtube and Gmail.

You aren’t supposed to drink the tap water. The hotel has a special tap for purified water and I’m pretty good about only drinking that. But I keep forgetting to use the purified water to brush my teeth. It’s so automatic to use tap water.


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