Meet the Team

There are eight in our group of adventuring educators. We are similar in many ways but also incredibly diverse in our areas of specialization. This makes for a fascinating mix. One way that we are all similar is that each member of the team is a well-seasoned traveler, this isn’t the first international rodeo for anyone here. For example: Lovinder has been to base camp in Napal, Elizabeth has been almost everywhere, Cap does medical missions frequently to Central and South America. We get to share our crazy travel stories with an appreciative audience. We also get to swap travel tips and techniques.

So let me formally introduce everyone so that you can use this post as a reference guide for future posts and pictures. Here is a “before picture” of us all at the Phoenix airport. From Left to Right:


  • Elizabeth Ursic – the most traveled – (MCC) Religious Studies. Fun Fact: once held the Guinness Book of World Records title for long distance tap dancing.
  • Jaime Herrera – our intrepid guide and interpreter – (MCC) English. Fun Fact: loves to shop and has a collection of handmade Mexican toys.
  • Lovinder Gill – the gentle giant – (GCC) Video Production. Fun Fact: played competitive college level tennis for three years.
  • Grace Paul – fearless in practicing Spanish – (GCC) Nursing. Fun Fact: speaks four languages fluently (and is working on learning Spanish).
  • Azul Gómez – the most laid back – (MCC) Library Sciences. Fun Facts: a recent newlywed and a 15-year vegetarian.
  • Kelly Sindel – delightful blogger – (GCC) Communication. Fun Fact: can easily balance a cup of water on her head.
  • Cap Tiwald – easily the most prepared for any emergency – (GCC) Nursing. Fun Fact: lives much of the year at her home in Mexico but speaks very little Spanish.
  • Gera King – most likely to take pictures of walls and floors – (SCC) Interior Design – Fun Fact: enjoys urban farming.

We are not exactly traveling light. Organizing and transporting our luggage is quite a feat.



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