The Journey Begins

IMG_20140714_214828729Hola Amigos, due to wifi connectivity issues and then a fight with WordPress I had some trouble getting these posts posted (is that redundant?). But I’ve figured a way around the issues and now I’m up and running. Sorry for the delay but let me tell you about Mexico…

We are underway, the ship has set sail (figuratively speaking of course) and I’m so excited. I knew that thIMG_20140714_091533986is trip would unfold under a lucky star when I heard beautiful music at the airline gate desk while we were waiting to depart. As I was waiting to have my passport verified I heard drifting notes of guitar music. Not a radio or media device, this music was being played by one of the flight attendants as he waited for the plane to arrive. Now I don’t know about you all, but I have traveled on my fair share of planes and never – no, not even once – have I ever had the cabin crew preform a pre-flight concert. So I knew then and there that this Mexico trip would be unforgettable.

After a nice flight we arrived at the Bendito Juarez airport and traversed the challenges of customsIMG_20140715_114831501_HDR without any problems. Then I was introduced to Mexico City.  This city is huge. It has the teeming, bustling, energy of a massive metropolis. There is a similar vibe to New York City or better yet comparable toRome. The history and modern blending in a roiling mix of noise and sights. 17th century churches share walls with modern office buildings. Breakdancing buskers compete with organ grinders. Cars, motos, bicycles, buses and pedestrians crowd the streets. All the sights and noise are a bit overwhelming to me.

IMG_20140714_182608188_HDRThis city is very powerful in the Mexican psyche. The Lonely Plante guide book, by faithful friend, puts it beautifully “…Mexico City is, and has ever been, the sun in the Mexican soar system.” When Mexicans talk about the city they often refer to it as el D.F. (pronounced day effeh) which stands for Distrito Federal (or Federal District). More significantly locals will refer to the city as “Mexico”, as “I’m going to Mexico for a while but will be back later.” The population is around 25 million and has the pollution to show for it. It feels like western European city with a lot of French influence on the older architecture. I can’t wait to get to know this place better.



2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Kelly, what an adventure! My wife and I have never been to that part of the world and look foward to reading about your experiences there.

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