Living the Dream

Okay everyone, here is the quick and dirty introduction to this adventure. T-minus 7 days to lift off so let me get you up to speed. I love Mexico (food, language, history, culture etc.) and it has always been a dream of mine to spend time in central Mexico. So when I found out that my district was accepting applications for a Faculty Development Mexico Program to Mexico City and Guanajuato I jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately my application was denied but I didn’t let that deter me. The next time the  trip was offered I applied again and this time I made the cut. There are 7 of us going from MCCCD. A fascinating collection of personalities and areas of expertise. More on the team in a future blog. So for three weeks we get to explore, learn, experience and dive into all things Mexico. This goes way beyond being a tourist.

This program offers a chance to explore the culture and education systems of Mexico. I see this program as an amazing opportunity to develop both professionally and to create a unique module to enhance my students’ learning. I believe that internationalization is key to our evolving educational environment.

I am really excited but also apprehensive. Will my Spanish be good enough? Will I get a travel bug and get really sick? Will I get along with my travel companions? Will I be too distracted by having fun that I don’t get my project done? All relevant points of concern. Stay tuned to see how things turn out for this adventurer. Mexico, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Tomorrow at this time we will be walking around the historic center of one of the greatest cities of the world. I am looking forward to it.

  2. I am so excited for you and jealous of you at the same time! What an awesome opportunity for you, and getting to see all those fabulous historical sites. Am looking forward to reading your blog. Be safe, take lots of pictures, and most of all, have fun!!!! :0)

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