The Top Cross Platform, and Free, apps for Students

BestAppsIf you have a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer you’ll definitely want to get them prepped and ready for the school year! What better way than to add these eight, totally free, totally cross platform apps. They’ll work on your Android or iOS phones and tablets, as well as your Windows and MAC OSX computes. They’ll even work from the Internet so you can access the apps from anywhere, anytime. 

From taking notes to adding photos of the whiteboard, Evernote will keep everything organized and searchable; Yes, even the pics.
Download Evernote

Have you spent more on coffee than you have on textbooks this semester? Don’t lose track of where your money’s going. Organize it with Mint and easily see what’s costing you the most and where you can cut back to save.
Download Mint

Don’t let the “freshman 15” sneak up on you, no matter what your college year. Keep track of your food, daily walks across campus, and other exercise in this easy-to-use app. For total fitness tracking, you’ll be happy to hear that MyFitnessPal will connect and work with many of the gadgets on the market.
Download MyFitnessPal

Have you ever forgotten to bring to school the USB drive holding your essay on the day it was due? Don’t let a single device be the sole keeper of something so important. Keep your files in Dropbox and access them from anywhere. So even if you’ve forgotten the paper copy on your kitchen table, you can run to the library before class and print it again.
Download Dropbox

If your instructor is using Canvas in your class, you’ll want to download the app. While it doesn’t allow full functionality, you can still check and reply to messages, see due dates and take your tests.
Find Canvas by Instructure in your app store.

Study Blue:
I don’t just love the Study Blue app for studying, I love it for their perspective on studying. Watching their promo videos will remind you how entirely unexciting, but necessary it is to study. So just cave in to the fact that it’s part of college and have some fun with it.
Download Study Blue

Kindle or Nook APP:
If you receive PDF’s in your class, download them into the Kindle or Nook app and read them on the go.
Find Kindle, by Amazon; or Nook, by Barnes & Noble in your app store

Updated July 23, 2015
Did you know you could now play Spotify straight from your web browser? This means no downloads required on the school computer while you’re at the library studying. With it on your phone, tablet and downloadable on your laptop, this free or pro-upgraded music player makes it officially cross-platform.
Check out Spotify Web Player


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