The Top Cross Platform, and Free, apps for Students

BestAppsIf you have a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer you’ll definitely want to get them prepped and ready for the school year! What better way than to add these eight, totally free, totally cross platform apps. They’ll work on your Android or iOS phones and tablets, as well as your Windows and MAC OSX computes. They’ll even work from the Internet so you can access the apps from anywhere, anytime.  Continue reading


Language Students Visit Japan – Group hones skills, experiences local culture and traditions

Buddhist temple in Kyoto; the inside is plated with gold

Buddhist temple in Kyoto; the inside is plated with gold

A peaceful Zen garden pictured on the front cover of a language textbook might lead to daydreaming about being there. For 19 GCC students of Japanese language, that dream sprung to life in May, when they found themselves contemplating that very garden – the stone garden of Ryoan-ji – in person.

The students, accompanied by Japanese language instructors Tomomi Hayashi and Shigeko Toyota, co-directors of the GCC Japanese-language program, travelled to Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima and Miyajima on a six-day study trip.

The trip was made possible by a generous grant from the Japan Foundation’s Japan-American Collegiate Exchange Travel Program.

It was the fulfillment of a dream for Shigeko Toyota, who has taught Japanese language at a public high school and Arizona community colleges for 25 years. “Being in Arizona, my students rarely have a chance to converse with native Japanese speakers, so I was curious to see if they could communicate effectively in various situations.” Mission accomplished!
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Timeless Strategies for College Success

By Dr. René Díaz-Lefebvre

photo of Dr. Rene Diaz-LefebvreIn a few weeks thousands of Arizona students will be embarking on one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of their lives, beginning a journey through the world of higher education. Exciting, daunting, challenging, and downright stressful may be adjectives permeating the thoughts of those seeking an avenue to pursue vocational dreams and become productive members of society. They will attend a community college, a public or private university, or other educational/vocational choices. Having worked with many students who have successfully maneuvered and completed college, I am often asked by parents and students for advice and recommendations in preparation for this life-changing opportunity. In this day of instantaneous information (e.g., Internet, Facebook, Twitter, apps, etc.), it is tempting to suggest to them that they review various websites and apps available for information and orientation on college and university life. Even college catalogs are a thing of the past. If you want your own copy of a catalog, you can download it from the institutions official website. Continue reading

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