Critical New Enrollment Steps for Students

dont-forget-icon1For a beginning college student, early experiences can color an entire academic career. A good start can put a student on the path to success. Conversely, early struggles often predict a rocky road.

Maricopa Community College District is taking the initiative to help district students get all the help they need, early on. It’s called “Student Success Initiative,” or SSI, and it includes several critical requirements:

  • Mandatory placement testing;
  • Mandatory placement in below 100-level reading, math, and English courses within the first two semesters;
  • Mandatory advising;
  • Mandatory new student orientation;
  • Mandatory enrollment in CPD 150, Strategies for College Success, for students testing into one or more below 100 level courses;
  • No late enrollment.

All new, degree-seeking students must follow these steps, which are designed to support their success from the start.

Mandatory Assessment and Course Placement
This ensures the student gets into the appropriate class level in the core subjects of reading, math, and English, which set a solid foundation for success in college.

Mandatory Placement
Students who test into below-100-level reading, math, and English will be placed into those courses within the first two semesters to begin building the foundation for success early on.

Mandatory Advising
One-on-one communications with a knowledgeable advisor can help students:

  • understand the enrollment process;
  • find the right degree or certificate program;
  • evaluate their assessment scores;
  • select classes each semester;
  • complete enrollment forms (drop/add, overload signatures);
  • fulfill graduation requirements; and
  • start the transfer process to a university.

Students are urged to meet with an academic advisor prior to the start of their first semester.

Advisement Center Locations
GCC main campus:  No appointments needed, just walk to the Enrollment Center, where students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Wait times can be an hour or more during peak enrollment times. Information:  602-845-3099

GCC North:  By appointment or walk-in, in the Chinle Building (Building C). Information:  623-845-4012.

Mandatory New-student Orientation
Learning what is needed early in the process can save a lot of time later. New-student orientation packs a lot of information in a short period of time. The learning curve is shorter and students can begin their academic year armed with knowledge that will help them move forward further and faster.

Mandatory College Success Course:  CPD 150
Students who test into one or more below-100-level courses are required to enroll in CPD 150, Strategies for College Success. In this course students will learn what it takes to succeed in college, develop a career and educational plan and become familiar with college resources, faculty, and staff to support them when they need help or encouragement. In addition, students will learn the skills, attitudes and behaviors needed for college success, including self-responsibility, self-management and self-motivation.

On-time Enrollment
Students must register before the first official class meeting date and time. Students may not register for a class once it has started. Registration for a class on the date it starts must be done in person or on the phone, and must be completed before the class start time. Because exceptions are limited, this is an important requirement to keep in mind. See the MCCCD registration policy.

These requirements were designed to help eliminate guesswork. Students who embrace these requirements will save time in the long run and will be more self-assured, knowing they are on the right track.

Personal Assistance Available
If students need help with meeting the requirements, they may call one of GCC’s friendly student-success specialists, Katie at (623) 845-3057 or Mari at (623) 845-4884. They are happy to walk students through the steps needed to meet the requirements.

Do you have more questions about the new requirements? We have answers (pdf)!


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