Critical New Enrollment Steps for Students

dont-forget-icon1For a beginning college student, early experiences can color an entire academic career. A good start can put a student on the path to success. Conversely, early struggles often predict a rocky road.

Maricopa Community College District is taking the initiative to help district students get all the help they need, early on. It’s called “Student Success Initiative,” or SSI, and it includes several critical requirements:

  • Mandatory placement testing;
  • Mandatory placement in below 100-level reading, math, and English courses within the first two semesters;
  • Mandatory advising;
  • Mandatory new student orientation;
  • Mandatory enrollment in CPD 150, Strategies for College Success, for students testing into one or more below 100 level courses;
  • No late enrollment.

All new, degree-seeking students must follow these steps, which are designed to support their success from the start.

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