Coming Soon: Major Motion Picture (Camera)

White-Flag-Stills_04Cue the digital – video production at GCC has come a long way since 1960s hula-hoops and grainy film strips.

In fact, a major motion-picture star is making an appearance on campus. And it won’t be in front of the camera, or behind the camera. It will be the camera itself:  an amazing new device named “Red.”

The recently acquired camera is just one part of a massive facelift going on in the GCC Video Production Technology program, which even has a new name:  Digital Cinema Arts.

The new name reflects a new focus. A new curriculum and course competencies will offer two tracks of study:  Film and Video. The Film track will focus on those students shooting for the big screen – the movie industry. The Video coursework will stress commercial work (corporate video, television commercials and some TV broadcast news). Continue reading


GCC Forensics Squad Speaks for Itself: Team dominates European competition, garners trophies


After the competition: Top row, left to right: Taric Watts, Bjorn Lundberg, Andrea Berning, Eric Yahn, Seth Fromm. Bottom row, left to right: Elizabeth Calvert, Lauren Sublett, Madison Alexander.

Can you picture yourself taking in a GCC lecture while standing in front of the Eiffel Tower? Eight GCC students have done exactly that, as part of the events surrounding the annual International Forensics Association (IFA) competition in Antwerp, Belgium.

The event, held during spring break, includes three full days of competition. The entire trip is nine days. Students from 18 teams, representing 16-20 colleges participated in the event.

GCC sent eight student competitors and three faculty coaches, who are also required to judge at the tournament. This was one of the first years in which the GCC team competed in almost every event offered.

The team didn’t merely compete – it amassed eight trophies in all basic categories:  debate, limited preparation, platform speaking and interpretive speaking. Continue reading

Calling all Graphic Designers: Win a $20 gift card to Pullano’s

Calling all digital artists for a chance to win a $20 gift card to Pullano’s Pizza! We’re looking for an image to be displayed on all campus computers as the login screen. Get creative and have fun! Current students or alumni only please.

Here are the guidelines:

  • All artwork or photography must be original work.
  • Image size needs to be 2560 x 1440 pixels as JPG format, maximum quality.
  • You must use the GCC logo found at
  • Important visual aspects should not be located in the center or lower portion of the image; this is where the login box and legal text will go. To get an idea of your design area, hop onto any GCC computer and check out the login screen or see below.
  • All artwork submitted can and may be used by GCC for any purposes at any time with or without credit.
  • Final decision for winner of gift card will be made by select individuals from the Marketing and OIT departments.

Feel free to add your unique signature to the corner of your work. Logo usage, college colors and other design aspects can be found in our style guide:

Send your compressed files, name, major, and contact information to by midnight, June 30, 2013.


Screen Capture Examples:

The MAC OSX login screen

The Windows login screen

Notice the text box across the lower portion of the current GCC screen