Healing the World: Dr. Callahan recognized for Holocaust teaching

The systematic mass murder of approximately six million Jews during World War II, led by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, decimated the European population. Roughly eleven million civilians and prisoners of war perished in the Holocaust between 1933 and 1945.

Of the nine million Jews who had resided in Europe before this time, approximately two-thirds were killed. The Nazis targeted not only Jews, but also people in other groups, including least 200,000 disabled, 10,000 homosexuals and other political and religious opponents.

The goal was total annihilation.
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Every Book Its Reader: Human Library Recognized for Civic Engagement

Since its debut at GCC in October 2012, the Human Library has gained regional recognition for its unique ability to infuse the democratic process into curriculum that teaches students the importance of civic—and civil—dialogue.

In April 2013 the Maricopa Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) awarded its annual Award of Excellence to the Human Library, citing it as a unique opportunity for students to explore stereotypes, analyze issues and engage in civic dialog. The DAC promotes initiatives throughout the Maricopa Community College District that reflect a commitment to diversity.

The Human Library has also been selected as a featured presentation at the American Democracy Project’s (ADP) conference, held in Denver, CO in June. The ADP conference focuses attention on educational experiences that build the civic skills that today’s college graduates need.

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Never too late to do what you were born to do

GCCHeliosScholar_20130522_0020Convincing your kids you have to do your homework before you play with them? A tough sell, especially with four active little ones clamoring for your attention.

Yet for the past two years, that’s exactly what Debbie Healey has done. “I want my kids to see you have to do your work before you can play,” she said.

Her reward for holding fast to her “work first, play later” rule? A 4.0 GPA and a prestigious scholarship. This spring, Healey became GCC’s most recent Helios Scholar.

The scholarship gives her a paid, eight-week summer internship in biomedical research at the prestigious TGen research facility in central Phoenix. Continue reading

Dancer Stretches Every Day: Engineering gives way to path of self-discovery

How would you feel if you loved doing something, but were afraid of what others might think about it?

Anthony Uzzanti knows that feeling. He also knows the feeling of satisfaction that comes from moving beyond fear to follow his heart. Or in this case, his fast-moving feet.

Uzzanti is a male dancer – in Arizona. A place not known for a long tradition of male dancers. And though things are changing, a place where conformity is often rewarded and non-conformity reviled. Continue reading

Exercise is Medicine: More Pushups, Less Pasta

BrandonAfterWeightLossPantsWHEREAS Dr. Irene Kovala, president of GCC, has proclaimed that May is Exercise is Medicine® month, it’s an ideal time to share the story of one GCC student who made exercise his medicine for the past year. And with good results:  between May 2012 and January 2013, Brandon Bratset reduced his weight from 262 pounds to 188, and trimmed his waist from 44 inches to 36.

Bratset achieved this success by exercising at GCC North Fitness Center for 60-90 minutes for five or six days a week. His workout routines included cardiovascular exercise nearly every day and strength training a couple of times a week. Continue reading