14 New or Unique 2013 Summer & Fall Courses

At the start of each semester there’s a unique feeling on campus – a mixture of excitement and anxiety – from new students enrolling for the first time, and current students looking to create the perfect class schedule. For both groups, we offer the following ideas for fun, unique and sometimes unusual 2013 summer and fall classes:

If you’d like to use these classes for program requirements, we recommend you first check with a GCC advisor. 

When you’re ready to enroll, go to your Student Center at my.maricopa.edu. You can also call 623-845-3333 or stop by the Enrollment Center during open hours of operation.


Intro to Printmaking – ART 250
If you’re an art enthusiast (and you’ve already taken ART111 & ART113) you might enjoy learning a different aspect of the artistic field, printmaking. In this course you’ll learn three different modes of making prints of pieces: serigraphy, woodcut and monoprinting, and get an overview of etching, lithography and paper-making.

Magic, Witchcraft and Healing – ASB214
Looking for a less-common religions class? Magic, witchcraft and healing are practiced in regions all over the world. For three credits, you’ll learn the origins, elements and forms of religion and satisfy your global awareness or humanities requirements.

Career Exploration – CPD102AB
Most people change career paths multiple times throughout college and life. If you’re still not sure where to go or where to start, try this hybrid class. It will help you identify careers that are best suited for you, as well as current occupational trends. It may even help you figure out the classes you want to take this fall.

Hospice Volunteer Training – BHS 168
If you care for families or individuals, or are interested in this field, take BHS 168 to learn skills that Valley organizations look for in volunteers. While we can’t guarantee a volunteer position, we can help you learn the related medical, social, emotional and spiritual concepts to prepare you for the care-giving profession. For help finding an internship, stop by the Career Services Center.

Citizenship Test Prep Class – ESOL600-10008
From Albania to Zambia (that’s A-Z!), we have international students from more than 40 countries on campus with us each semester. For those interested in becoming U.S. citizens, we encourage enrollment in this class, preparation for U.S. Citizenship Exam. Class meets four days per week in the evenings, July 7- Aug. 15. The cost for the course is $73 (plus a $15 summer registration fee) and does not include the U.S. Citizenship exam.

New Student Orientation – NSONSO
While all new degree-seeking students and those who plan to transfer to a university are required to attend new student orientation, this is a great class for all students. In this free, one-time session you’ll learn about the resources we have on campus to help you throughout the semester, the policies of GCC and tour the campus. Find summer and fall orientations in the class listings.

Coaching – EXS 265 or EXS 281 
Parents who coach their child’s team and anyone interested in coaching recreational sports teams will benefit from Theory or Methods of Coaching classes. Classes for baseball, basketball and football coaching teach the principles, philosophy, strategies and theories needed for coaching the competitive sport.

Leisure & Quality of Life – REC 120
Have a truly relaxing summer while satisfying your SB course requirement. While we’re sure you’ll still have homework and tests, you’ll be studying the historical, psychological, social and cultural aspects of play, leisure and recreation in our society. Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

FITNESS500 – unlimited yoga for $20
If you’d rather practice your recreation than read about it, take advantage of the unlimited yoga classes for $20 this summer. Not including the $15 semester registration fee, you can participate in up to 23 yoga classes, May 8-26.


Latin – LAT 101
What does nursing, standardized testing, music, science, money and the study of Christianity all have in common? Latin can be found in all of these! This fall, you can take Latin 101 and not only improve your English skills but expand on the foundation of words found in many other fields.

Journaling – CRW 204
This Internet course will walk you through the art of blogging and journaling. You will discover tools to explore your passions, decipher the past, meet the challenges of today and plan for the future. There is technically a prerequisite, however the instructor is allowing anyone to take this new course. Just email Betsey Wheeler at betsey.wheeler@gccaz.edu to get a permission code.

Human Sexuality – SOC 130
When it comes to sexuality, can you separate fact from myth? How has literature and media influenced your view of your own sexuality? This course will examine the physical, social, cultural, and institutional contributions to human sexuality. You’ll explore how male and female sexuality plays a role in contemporary society and see that sexuality is really more than just xx and yy, but the totality of the human experience. Students asked about the class have said, “I thought I knew everything about sex; boy was I wrong,” and “[The guest speakers] really make you think and realize we are all a little different; but that does not make us ‘wrong.’ ” The only prerequisite is you must be aged 18 or older.

Solar System Astronomy – AST 113, Section #15820
Need a science credit? GCC North’s beautiful campus near the north Phoenix mountains has an open-and dark-night sky. In January we installed eight new telescopes that students in AST 113, section #15820 will get to use. Register for the evening lab option to accompany AST 111.

Sustainability Learning Community – CRE 101 & ENG 102
At first glance, these two classes may seem like your basic program prerequisites. Take a closer look at the Sustainability Learning Community and you’ll quickly realize this is not your average critical reading or english class. As part of a learning community, you’ll be with the same group of students, turn in the same assignment for both classes and earn six transfer credits! Even better, this hybrid community will be all about sustainability and will use the most current technology such as blogs, cell phones and social media networks. Spots are limited and the only way to enroll is by emailing alisa.cooper@gcmail.maricopa.edu.


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