GCC Alumni Makes His Mark in Video Production

Corban CooperCorban Cooper has been a Glendale Community College Alumni since 1996. While studying at GCC, Cooper focused on business which made him realize that he wanted to be in the video production industry.

Currently, Cooper runs a video production business in Seattle, Washington. Half of his work involves weddings and the other half are corporate videos.  GCC gave him the fundamental business skills to be a successful self-employed “solopreneur”. Cooper explained that after he films one client he does all of the marketing, finances, taxes, and customer service on his own.

Cooper enjoyed attending GCC because of the flexible schedules and also because of the drive from his peers. “The students that attended GCC had aspirations for a higher education which was influential to me,” said Cooper.

During his time in Glendale, Cooper admired his instructors who were passionate about their subject and loved the students. “The instructors made learning fun and they really care about our education,” said Cooper.

Corban Cooper is one of many family members to have a connection with Glendale Community College. His mother teaches computer classes as a CIS 105 instructor, his sister-in-law graduated and his niece Kasee Cooper is a current student.

Cooper currently lives in Seattle with his wife and three children.

Corban Cooper Seattle Street


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