It is Never Too Late to Finish Your Education

Luana GossAfter serving in the military for 11 years, Luana Goss decided to finish her education at Glendale Community College. Returning to college has been a challenge and a dream for Goss. Juggling her time as a student, wife, and mother of two, Goss has learned that hard work pays off. In fact, Goss felt that by continuing her education many doors have opened for her. “I went from being an unemployed student and military veteran, to having more than one job offer,” said Goss.

For Goss, going back to GCC was a very challenging transition. But as she began her classes, Goss felt more comfortable because of the time spent on her by the instructors at GCC. “I am very grateful for what GCC has done for me. The first class I took was CIS 105. Even though it was very fast-paced, it was very rewarding,” said Goss.

Goss has two daughters who are currently in high school.  From the hardships and life lesson’s Goss has been through, she and her husband are teaching their children the importance of higher education. “My daughters see how difficult it is to attend college as a working mother, so they are planning their future wisely,” said Goss.

By being awarded with a scholarship, Goss will be able to continue her education as well as her daughter is able to begin hers. “Without the scholarship I will not be able to finish my degree,” said Goss.

Luana Goss was awarded the Dr. Joe Griego Scholarship from Glendale Community College. By being awarded this scholarship, Goss will be able to avoid taking out a student loan.


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