Former School Teacher Seeks New Degree in GCC Nursing Program

Adam LeonAdam Leon will soon earn his second degree in May. Leon was a math and science school teacher for five years, and soon after he realized that he had a greater passion for helping others in the medical field. Leon began his medical career path through the nursing program at GCC two years ago.

“I have always been interested in the science field and the human body,” said Leon.

Leon has a passion to provide care for those in need. And by doing so, his main goal is to become a nurse practitioner. “I want to have a profound impact in the community,” said Leon.

The word scholarship is not a foreign word to Leon. In fact, he has been a past recipient for the Mikus Memorial Scholarship and Victor L. Boel’s Nursing Scholarship. Leon will be a recipient this year for the Shirley Vail Nursing Scholarship. Leon plans to use the scholarship to purchase essential tools that are necessary for him to be a successful nursing student.

Throughout his stay at GCC, Leon was the Vice President of the Glendale Associate of Student Nurses, buddy mentor for students in previous blocks, and has done other various volunteer activities throughout the community.


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