Marrer Wheels His Way to Success

Support for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities

Gary Marrer, faculty and chair of the business information technology department was involved in a motorcycle accident in April 2012 that nearly cost him his life. Marrer broke two of his vertebrae, which affected his ability to walk and continue his job. If he was going to continue being the department chair, then he would have to find a way to navigate through the campus and buildings where he teaches.

Marrer was given a wheelchair, but his insurance was not willing to pay for a device that was for work only.  When Marrer brought this to the attention of GCC, the college responded immediately. The college purchased a power wheelchair that could be used by any GCC staff, student, or faculty member who has difficulty getting across campus due to a disability.

“For the fall semester, it was a lifesaver. With the help from GCC, my stamina was not compromised and I was able to be productive at work. I cannot express the gratitude I have for those who gave to the college in making the power wheelchair a possibility,” said Marrer.

Mr. Marrer is much better now. The wheelchair has been placed in the disability services department for the next user.


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