Remembering Donald J. McCarthy

Donald J. McCarthy was the very best of them, I am so glad that I had the honor to know that man, both as a family friend and a great mentor to me. I will always be so proud to say that I took MAT 142 with Professor Don McCarthy. What a legacy that man is leaving behind, I stand in complete awe of somebody with such incredible character. Thank you Don.
An absolute mountain of a man, that is truly the first time I can sincerely say that of another human being, Don not only taught math, but I believe he taught character, patience, understanding, and an unbelievable work ethic. He was one of the first people I was introduced to when I first joined GCC. A great family friend told me that I had to meet this man, she is also an incredible person, and I am so grateful that she did introduce me to “that man”, she was a very dear friend of Don’s. He gave me his complete attention, and when he spoke to me, he spoke only to me, I honestly wasn’t use to that, to be talked to like a fellow man.  Don handed me my first Math book for introduction to Algebra, and then introduced me to an outstanding person who became my professor for my first two math classes. Then, in what will become my last semester at GCC I signed up as quick as I could to take MAT 142 with Professor McCarthy, and as I wrote in his teacher evaluation, he was hand’s down the best teacher I have ever had, not only in Math, but in any subject, his presence and energy was something to behold, and I got to see it! Throughout my two years with GCC I always knew I could confide in Don, in fact, everybody knew they could, he took time for everybody. And for as long as I live, that will motivate me to try a little harder in life, to take more time with people, to work harder, and to help “without judgment”, as someone close to him perfectly described how Don treated people.
I can sincerely say, that I loved Don, and I won’t say that I wish I could have known him longer, because I believe that is greedy, because, so many other’s needed Don. I will just forever be thankful for the time that I did have with him, I know he was so much to so many people, and in three short years, I can truly say I know why.

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