The White Lady

I got to visit a place called Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. It has a castle sitting upon one of its hills and my favorite part about it is its legends. To be honest, I’m a sucker for legends! I love the idea of something being so odd or wonderful that the people around utilize it to give birth to their own form of entertainment.

There was a woman named Perchta von Rosenberg who was young and beautiful. She had a happy life growing up but when she became of age her father forced her to marry. So she married an older man named Jan von Lichtenstein and he was absolutely horrible to her. It’s said that she would write letters to her brother pleading him to take her away from her wretched husband. However, because of the time and how scandalous a divorce would make her and the family look, he refused.

Eventually, the tides began to turn for her. Her husband became very ill and called for her on his death bed. Perchta came to him and he asked her forgiveness for the way he treated her. She point blank refused to forgive him. As a result he became even angrier and cursed her to roam the castle forever!

Over the years she has appeared to different people in and around the castle. She is known as the Lady in White. If one sees her it is of the utmost importance to take notice of her gloves. If she is wearing white gloves then the news she wants to tell you is great but if she’s wearing black gloves……. The last recorded sighting of her was in 1938 and she was wearing black gloves. The common belief is that the news she wanted to convey was on World War II and the invasion of the Nazis in the then Czechoslovakia.

Whether or not this legend is true really doesn’t matter to me. But it is so much fun to hear about it and be where she definitely was. Unfortunately, no one saw her while we were there in town. Who knows, maybe next time…


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