Upsidedown Horse

I want to tell everyone about this picture because I think it’s an incredible sculpture. The Czech Republic has a very long history of being invaded by other countries and struggling with different ideologies and governments for themselves on the off times that they weren’t being invaded. So the Czech people are able to laugh at themselves about that and that’s said because if they did not they would always be crying.

This sculpture is called “Wenceslas riding an Upsidedown Horse” and it is located in the Lucerna shopping complex (I wish the malls in the U.S. looked like this lol). It was created by a very controversial Czech artist named David Cerny whose main motivation for creating art is rage. Although there is more to its history, the short version of the meaning behind this is that their leaders can’t even ride a horse properly or tell when one is dead, let alone run a country.


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