Well I have arrived in Prague finally. I had a 9 and 1/2 hour plane ride from Phoenix to London which was a pretty nice flight! I had the window seat and sat next to a very nice, older Asian couple. I did not get up once while on that flight though, so when it came time to get off my stiff joints forced me to take my time. The London airport was a surprisingly smooth transition to my gate. I may or may not have spoken in a British accent for the 2 hours that I was there.

The plane ride from London to Prague was about 2 hours. I am extremely thankful for it being a short flight because the two kids sitting behind me were annoying. The only plus side was that they spoke in a different language which made it take longer for it to become really bothersome.

When I got off the flight everything seemed to go by quickly! I walked to baggage claim (which for me is half running because I hate walking slow) found the right belt that would be spitting out my bag and the second I got there my bag popped out and I heaved it onto the floor. After that I went to the ATM and got some money (a lot easier than I thought it would be). While I was at the baggage claim area there was a man dressed as a french maid, blonde wig included. I assume this was some sort of traveling bachelor party as he was surrounded by at least 7 other guys.

I then spotted some fellow study abroad students and the six of us split the cost of a cab. The drive was actually not that crazy. However, I was still feeling the effects of my motion sickness medication so that could be why it didn’t seem so bad. It was a 30 minute cab ride and for the majority of it I was unimpressed with the surroundings. There was just a lot of old buildings with graffiti on them and faded out colors. But then we came upon all the buildings that I had seen in the pictures. It is incredible to look at! The first amazing thing I saw was of the picture I posted on my first entry. It is beautiful here!


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