The Beginning

OK, hello everyone!

I suppose I would like to start off by explaining why I have created this blog. First, as a result of acquiring scholarships for this study abroad program I must, in some creative method, produce a “project” and give a report about my ventures in Prague. Second, friends and family have asked to be kept in the loop and so this is quite a convenient way to do so seeing as I cannot use my phone while abroad. Thirdly, and for my own selfish reasons, I will not have to update everyone I know about how my trip went and consequently dread the polite and expected question of, “So how was your trip!?” These three reasons make up the foundation of why I chose this medium.

Furthermore, I would like to ask all of you to bear with me throughout the writing and execution my “Prague Blog.” Although I am an English major and that consists of producing many papers, I am not particularly gifted in writing. I am also not the best with grammar. I have survived my major only through hours of hard work and much appreciated editors. However, I will try my best to generate something readable.

I hope you all enjoy!


The Story of Nori, Part II: Modern Mariculture and Processing*

Since the 1970s Japan has produced billions of nori sheets a year at a market value exceeding one billion dollars. The development of this technology stems from the work of Kathleen Drew-Backer, a British scientist who found a ‘missing link’ in the life cycle of nori, a red alga (Rhodophyta, Porphyra spp). She discovered the ‘conchocelis stage’, a filamentous diploid generation that grows on oyster shells (see Photo 1). It is the conchocelis stage that produces the spores (conchospores) that grow into nori. Continue reading

Miyako Ecology Center Celebrates Earth Day & 10th Year: Part II*

The Miyako Ecology Center’s (MEC) 10th Anniversary and Earth Day event drew a record number of visitors, despite a rainy day. Over 2,800 people came to celebrate and enjoy special exhibits, demonstrations, and activities for kids that included a toy exchange (see Photo 1). Continue reading

Oh the places you’ll go

You did it guys ! We did it! Another academic year accomplished, and that great efffort is something to be proud of. It is not just the letter grade you received, but rather the incredible effort and hard work, and all that we gave of ourselves to receive that grade. I believe that is what academia is: a character building experience, it’s an opportunity to go far above yourself, and accomplish something beyong your wildest and most ambitious expectations.

At this very moment a first year student is finishing a final to complete their first academic year, at the same time, a long time and hard working nursing major has finally been accepted into the program they have more than earned. Somewhere among this campus, a proud veteran has the courage to take the next step in their life and bring their incredible character to the classroom. Maybe not so far away from him, a very special student is persevering through what society labels as a disability he/she considers their gift.

To all of you who are graduating, not only from Glendale Community College, but onto the next path of your lives, do it the way you have left here today: courageously, responsibly, bravely. Always be curious about what life can offer you, if you can fight for it, goodbye our good friends.

And to all our good friends who have walked the pathways of this campused for the first time this year, I hope you all feel welcome, and embrace this time in your life, and challenge yourself to give as much of your self as you can, because when it is your turn to put on the cap and gown, walk onto the platform, receive your degree, and shake the president of GCC’s hand. Well my friend, you well be in awe of how far you have come, and how much further you can go.

God Bless.

Arizona Football League

Congratulations you have just finished your degree and football career here at GCC and now you don’t know what you want to do.  You realize that you still love the game of football and want to continue playing, so what’s next you ask yourself.  Well gentlemen your answers are here and it is the Arizona Football League, a league for men to continue playing after their time with school is up.

The Arizona Football League (AzFL) is a competitive tackle football league that is available for those who have finished school, whether it is high school or college and want to still play the game of football.  The AzFL has been around since 1995 and has had NFL players such as Deuce Lutui of the Arizona Cardinals and Arena Football League Players Chad DeGrenier, Gerard Williams and Siaha Burley  play in their league during the professional off-seasons.

The AzFL has an application process to join the league and eventually a team. The AzFL excepts players all year long but their seasons are from the months of January to May, which includes one pre-season game, 10 regular season games, and the playoffs if your team is in the top 8 for best records.  The AzFL records every football game played and posts it on its website to be viewed.

The AzFL is located all over Arizona so you don’t have to be stuck to one area just to play in the league.  For instance the AzFL has teams in Flagstaff, Yavapai county (Prescott area), Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa/Chandler, Tucson (two teams), Cave Creek, Surprise/El Mirage, and Avondale/Goodyear areas.  You are also able to pick and choose what team you want to play for all the way up until December, because once the season starts you cannot switch teams.

For more information on the league and how to get involved with the teams log on to the website and fill out a application.