Hunger Games worth the hype?

It is not hard to notice the overwhelming success and popularity The Hunger Games has achieved lately, but are the books and movie deserving of this popularity?

I think so. I read all of the books over the summer. I also saw the movie once during the opening weekend and again just this last weekend. I have to say, the series and movie are very well done. The books keep your attention with action, romance, and some moments of light comedy. They do a very good job of getting you hooked. You never know what is going to happen next. There is always a twist coming around the corner. You also get so attached to the characters, you just want to keep reading to see if they make it.

The movie follows the same trends, but maybe falls short of the books a little bit. The movie is also suspenseful and compelling. The filmmakers did an excellent job. They picked amazing actors to play the characters. I was very pleased with the acting level of the movie. All of the characters are very convincing, and they do a good job at getting you to be a part of a make-believe world. The movie was well shot as well. The director and cinematographer set all of the correct moods in all the correct places. Also, the author of the books was involved in writing the movie, which insured they did an amazing job at filling in audience members who may not have read the books.

Overall, I feel like all of the hype The Hunger Games has received is well deserved. With such a well-done movie and compelling series, they deserve all the attention, if not more. So, don’t feel bad about conforming to the masses, and pick up the books before heading to see the movie!


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