One on One with Jameel Yousif

Jameel is a sophomore at Glendale Community College, he plays shooting guard for the Gaucho’s men’s basketball team.  Jameel has been the starting shooting guard for GCC his freshmen and sophomore years, but he also plays point guard occasionally.  Jameel is 20 years old and has been playing basketball for the last six years.  Jameel says he wants to be successful and eventually play University basketball, and get a degree as a sports medicine physician. When not playing basketball, Jameel loves to lift weights and sing in his spare time.  The best thing Jameel likes about playing sports at GCC is the he gets to compete at the college level.  He discussed his recruitment and schools he would like to attend, this past March.

“Everything went good, and looks like I will be making a push to play at the University level, hopefully somewhere in New York,” Jameel said. “I am a team player and even though I love to be the starter, I do sometimes come off the bench if the coach feels we are playing a team where I should not be starting and I am perfectly okay with that decision because all I want to do is win.”

I asked Jameel if he knew what his career and seasonal stats were and he told me, “I don’t ever keep track of statistics because all I am worried about is getting to a University school and playing ball for that team, GCC is a stepping stone to get there.”

GCC’s best game this past season was Jameel’s first game, and it was a home game against nationally ranked AZ Western, were he went 5 for 7 from the field, which included 3 for 5 from three point range and 3 for 3 from the free throw line.

Not only is Jameel a star on the court but he is also a star in the classroom as well. He never misses class unless it is an emergency with his family, because, to Jameel,  family always comes first.

When I asked Jameel how has he been able to balance both school and athletics, he stated “Simple, I make sure that I do all my homework and schoolwork on time to pass so I can play, and then I made sure I practiced as hard at basketball as I do in the classroom.”

Jameel says he has to manage his time very wisely so he doesn’t get bogged down with one thing or another, and always makes sure he has something fun to do on his spare time so he can relieve his stress of school and sports.

Jameel has taken many courses here at GCC but the one he likes the most is World Religions, it’s very interesting and has lots to teach a person interested in different cultures.

Jameel is from an Assyrian family, and he says “this is why I am interested in the learning of other cultures and religions.” Jameel plans on receiving his associate’s degree at the end of the spring semester and make his way to a University to continue his schooling and basketball sagas. Good luck to you Jameel and all the best wishes to you reaching and achieving your goals.


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