Student Review: International Festivities

The International Festival has just passed; the two day event brought out many college students to learn and enjoy the festivities of different international cultures.  The event went from April 4 through April 5 throughout the whole day, let’s just say it was an eye opener to see all the different cultures and how they operate in life.

The event was designed to spread awareness of the different cultures, not only their beliefs but also the different types of food, music, and activities they do in each culture.  At the event they had multiple booths, all decorated and themed toward certain cultures.

If you were not able to make it out, I’m sad to say you missed a fun and very enjoyable event that in my mind everyone should take a chance to take a look at for themselves.  The event gave you the awareness of why so many different cultures act the way they do.

The most amazing part of the whole event to me was the music from the different countries and cultures.  Getting a chance to listen to some of the music they were playing made me think that they listened to these types of songs because they were very relaxing, and didn’t have anything to do with killing someone or something (like here in the United States).  There were so many vendors out there, that everywhere you turned you had a chance to purchase something dealing with other cultures and countries.  I saw one guy with his entire booth having nothing but hats and sunglasses, and might I say they were some pretty nice hats.

They had four vending trucks selling food from different backgrounds.  I saw a Mexican food truck, a truck selling Assyrian food, and I don’t remember what the other two were but I am sure they were good food because all the trucks had lines forming in front of them.

I did enjoy myself for the short time I was at the event and I wish that they would have events like these more often so more people can be able to get out and see what’s going on in other countries and cultures.


One thought on “Student Review: International Festivities

  1. In addition to all the students, staff and faculty who took time to enjoy the international performances and yummy food trucks (brilliant idea Ken Bus!), there were families, seniors and those working near the college who came to campus to enjoy the free entertainment. Each year it gets better and better!

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