College Night with Arizona Diamondbacks

With MLB spring training coming to the end and our Arizona Diamondbacks gearing up to defend their National League West Division Championship, they will open the season up against division rivals San Francisco Giants on Friday April 6, 2012 at 4:10pm here at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix. Like always the first night is going to be huge and exciting, and for the Diamondbacks they will be handing out D-Backs t-shirts to the first 50,000 fans so try and get down to the stadium and cheer on our local team. The Diamondbacks have many promotions and offers throughout the season but one that they have had every year now is the Pepsi Max value pack, which contains 1 bleacher ticket, 1 regular size hotdog, 1 24oz Pepsi, and a coupon for a free 20oz Pepsi Max all for the price of $19. So for $20 you will be able to go and enjoy a D-Backs game and even get something to eat and drink.

With promotions going on every month and almost every week of the entire home games season for the D-Backs, I’ve seen a few which would interest all the college students who love baseball and would like to go to a game and watch the D-Backs play. The Arizona Diamondbacks are offering a promotion to the college students in Arizona; for the low price of $5.00 per ticket you will be able to catch a baseball game versus some good teams, but the “College Night” promotion is only for certain nights and against certain teams. The “College Night” is offered on April 20 against the Atlanta Braves, May 11 against the San Francisco Giants (right after finals to go relax and catch a game), August 24 against the San Diego Padres, September 14 against the S.F. Giants (again), and finally September 28th against the Chicago Cubs. For more information about “College Night” you can go to the website and check it out.

If you are not able to make any of the “College Nights,” the Diamondbacks are offering many more promotions and giveaways that there will always be things happening downtown at Chase Field. Some of the other promotions going on at Diamondbacks games this season include: Saturday, May 12th at 5:10 pm against the S.F. Giants they are giving away Ryan Roberts Tattoo Sleeve to the first 20,000 fans; on Saturday, Jul 7th at 7:10 pm against the Los Angeles Dodgers they are giving away D-backs Lucha Libre Masks to the first 15,000 fans; on Saturday, Jul 28th at 5:10 pm against the New York Mets they are giving away Justin Upton Silver Slugger Bobble-Heads to the first 20,000 fans. These are just some of the fun things happening and to see everything the Diamondbacks have planned this year for promotions and giveaways you can just log on to the Diamondbacks website and see if there is anything you would be interested in participating in.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are going to make the push this year to make it to the World Series and they need all the support they can get from their fans, so if you get the chance to get out there and root the Diamondbacks on I strongly encourage you to do so because you will enjoy yourself and all the festivities.

And if you still can’t get enough baseball, the GCC Gauchos are having a good season and would love your support. Fin their schedule here online as well.


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