Top 10 Likes and Dislikes of College Students

After a long couple of weeks of asking around I finally was able to complete a survey on what college students love the most and what they hate the most. I asked 50 men and 50 women to give me their top 10 lists. I got various answers ranging all the way from family to phones to parties.

In the first subject: what it is that every college student loves, I found a lot of the students chose “having the newest gadget” their number one thing on the list; 53% of the students placed having the newest phone or tablet as one of their top 10 most favorite things.

“Going to the best party of the weekend” was third on the list with 47 of the students. Second on the list was sleep (which I can put my vote for as the number one!) with 51 of the students saying sleep is the most loved thing  but they don’t have enough time to do it.

The list of the top 10 things that appeared on everyone’s list is below.

  1. Having the newest phone or tablet (53)
  2. Getting lots of sleep (51)
  3. Going to the best party (47)
  4. Playing video games (44)
  5. Facebook (42)
  6. Hanging out with friends (31)
  7. Being with a companion (27)
  8. Earning a degree (22)
  9. Going to the movies (17)
  10. Being with the family ( 11)

As a side note: There were several votes for GCC Athletics, but not enough to crack the top 10 of most loved things by a college student.

These may not be on every person’s list, but I’m pretty sure at least 5 out of 10 people are able to relate to one of these in their own personal list.

Now for the stuff that college students hate the most…

Of course not every student is going to hate the same things but I thought the numbers would have been a lot closer than they were.  It’s not as easy to dislike the same things that other people dislike as much as it is to find people that like the same things.  The following list is from a totally different set of 100 men and women.  The majority of the students agreed the number one thing was: the cost of tuition and books with 42% of the students agreeing.  Parking drove 26% of the students crazy along with having to drive around endlessly looking for a spot.  Third, with only 13%, was all the studying they had to do for classes (must be the freshman!).

With that, this is the top 10 list of most disliked stuff by a college student.

  1. Cost of tuition and Books (42)
  2. Having to fight for a parking spot ( 26)
  3. Amount of study time for each class (13)
  4. Annoying classmates or roommates (11)
  5. Not being able to get sleep (11)
  6. Having to work full-time and go to school (9)
  7. Missing out on the newest things (i.e. electronics, shoes, clothes, etc.) (8)
  8. Boring teachers or professors (8)
  9. Having to take a class that does nothing for their degree (a required class) (4)
  10. Long lines (anywhere: grocery store, bars, restaurants, clubs)  (3)

Interestingly, there were so many different ways to not like things about school, but yet so many students attend classes on a daily basis!


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