The definition of courage is the quality of mind, or spirit, that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, without fear; bravery. It is also the heart as the source of emotion.

Hello my fellow GCC friends! It’s so wonderful to be writing to you again, can you believe how fast this spring semester is flying by? But then again… For every individual it’s different. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a single mother raising a child while working and going to school full-time? That is the most admirable act of courage I know, which brings me to the thesis of my blog: courage.

Have the courage to be wrong; how else will you learn?

What is interesting and quite incredible, is that we all perform acts of courage every day. Such as having the courage to stand out at work and display leadership abilities then use those abilities to pursue your fullest potential, whatever they may be for you.

You show courage, when you open up and talk to a stranger, or even help out around the house. These are simple acts of self-less courage, and are very fulfilling. Think about it, nowhere is it written that you must perform acts of courage. You can go through your day and stick to your same routine. But when we go outside ourselves, such as adding change to our old routines and especially standing up for yourself, this is courage, my friends!

For me, learning simple acts of courage was such a challenge. I was terrified to raise my hand in the classroom; I felt stupid, inadequate and that I couldn’t contribute. I felt I had no business in the classroom whatsoever. My education could have ended right then, in my first college course, Philosophy 101. But ironically enough, philosophy was the right class for me to be in at the right time. First, I had an outstanding professor who really challenged to entire class to speak up, as he said, “Have the courage to be wrong; how else will you learn?”

That statement stuck with me like glue, and inch by inch, yard by yard, I began chipping away at my own self-doubts and made improvements bit by bit, each day in class. In all honesty, it wasn’t but a few weeks into the course that I went from not being able to raise my hand to not being able to keep the damn thing down! Now that’s courage.

So, to all my fellow peers who have a vision, but your self-doubt is keeping you from working toward it, realize my friends, you have courage, we all do, and we will all get there, together.


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