Confessions of a Past Litterbug

I have been thinking heavily about what a “greener” world means, and I have come up with: a longer healthier life.  I have littered in my lifetime, but once I took a geology class here at Glendale Community College I realized how many problems it was causing not only to our planet but our health.  Not only does the trash affect the look of the planet, it also has certain chemicals in them that can be very toxic to our health in the present and future.

Thinking of how much I like living and want to be healthy, I chose to do my part and make sure I throw away any trash of mine in the garbage can, and also if I see something that is able to be picked up and put in the trash then I do that also.  I think that if everyone tries their hardest to make sure every piece of garbage ends up in trash cans then we, as a world, will make things easier on our life and health.

But it’s not just picking up trash that will make things “greener” but also making sure you keep your hands clean and try not to spread germs, if at all possible. Keeping up with hygiene also makes things around you healthier.

GCC is having a Recycle Mania Tournament starting February 5-March 31, 2012 to see how much trash and recyclable items we can collect as a whole school. This is the second year that GCC has been involved in this tournament, and it was a great success for the school. It helped our community get together and clean it up a little bit around the school to make it a “greener” place to be. The campus as a whole collected well over 11 tons of trash and anything else that could be recycled. The school is looking to go beyond that amount this year with all the help of our fellow students.

To have a “greener,” healthier campus means we won’t have to worry about trying to walk in trash or duck and dodge the trash or debris left lying around. If I could change my littering ways then anyone can change. My littering was so bad that my son was picking up on it and doing the same thing I was doing only because that’s what he saw happening. So let’s be a better role model for not only our children but the other people we are around and have in our lives.


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