No gas, no power plug, no problem

Imagine driving off the new car lot in a sexy little two-seater with no need for gas. Ever. No gas, no electrical plug and no hydrogen fuel cells. Just sunshine.

The sleek curves of the SolarWorld GT are only surpassed by its award winning inner technology. Power is generated by six square meters (almost 20 square feet) of solar cells. Its battery management system and in-wheel motors are designed for long distances. It is the first street legal solar car ever built, and is en route to a record breaking trip around the world. Thirty students from Bochum University of Applied Sciences in Germany built the solar powered car.

“In the media the name is The Bothum Beauty, but we call it Bo,” said SolarWorld GT team leader Tim Skerra. Skerra spoke about the project saying that they hope to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for traveling more than 21,000 miles across four continents in a solar powered vehicle.

An opportunity of a lifetime came last Friday when the SolarWorld GT stopped at Glendale Community College. A crowd quickly gathered and was invited to enter a free drawing for a chance to win a ride in the state-of-the art solar powered bullet.

When it came time to draw the winning number, audible groans filled the air as the disappointed looked around to see who had won. The lucky winner raised his hand, grinning from ear to ear, and came forward.

“It was great!” said GCC student David Turner. “I could hear the wheels powering up.”

“We have a plan to become carbon neutral,” said GCC President Irene Kovala as she addressed the crowd. This event is part of ongoing activities and actions since signing the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. Kovala announced that GCC is a finalist in the 2012 Second Nature Climate Leadership Awards, saying “…if we won the national award it would be spectacular!”

The SolarWorld GT project is sponsored by SolarWorld. SolarWorld is one of the largest manufacturers of sustainable, socially responsible Photovoltaic (PV) energy in the world. The word Photovoltaic means energy from light. Learn more at

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NAU Connection Day

Since 1965 Glendale Community College has been offering certificates and associate degree programs for nearly half a million students. Did you know though that you can now keep learning without leaving through the NAU @ GCC program?

That’s right! You can now complete your bachelor’s degree program with NAU right here on the GCC campus. Benefits of this program include being close to home, never having to leave GCC, and being able to transfer more credits into your BA program to save you money.

You can discover how to complete your NAU bachelor’s degree here at GCC, or speak with an Undergraduate Admissions representative from Flagstaff about other transfer options 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Wed., Feb. 22 in Central Mall. This NAU Connection Day event will also include music, treats, fun and give aways. Can’t make it and have questions? Call 623-845-4784.


Confessions of a Past Litterbug

I have been thinking heavily about what a “greener” world means, and I have come up with: a longer healthier life.  I have littered in my lifetime, but once I took a geology class here at Glendale Community College I realized how many problems it was causing not only to our planet but our health.  Not only does the trash affect the look of the planet, it also has certain chemicals in them that can be very toxic to our health in the present and future.

Thinking of how much I like living and want to be healthy, I chose to do my part and make sure I throw away any trash of mine in the garbage can, and also if I see something that is able to be picked up and put in the trash then I do that also.  I think that if everyone tries their hardest to make sure every piece of garbage ends up in trash cans then we, as a world, will make things easier on our life and health.

But it’s not just picking up trash that will make things “greener” but also making sure you keep your hands clean and try not to spread germs, if at all possible. Keeping up with hygiene also makes things around you healthier.

GCC is having a Recycle Mania Tournament starting February 5-March 31, 2012 to see how much trash and recyclable items we can collect as a whole school. This is the second year that GCC has been involved in this tournament, and it was a great success for the school. It helped our community get together and clean it up a little bit around the school to make it a “greener” place to be. The campus as a whole collected well over 11 tons of trash and anything else that could be recycled. The school is looking to go beyond that amount this year with all the help of our fellow students.

To have a “greener,” healthier campus means we won’t have to worry about trying to walk in trash or duck and dodge the trash or debris left lying around. If I could change my littering ways then anyone can change. My littering was so bad that my son was picking up on it and doing the same thing I was doing only because that’s what he saw happening. So let’s be a better role model for not only our children but the other people we are around and have in our lives.

Single Parent’s Guide to Surviving College

Being a full time student is stressful enough, but adding single parenthood and a full time job to the mix might just send someone through the roof. So how do students survive such a hectic schedule, without having to constantly email their professor to apologize for not turning an assignment in on time? While some of us experienced students may have different tricks, I am pretty sure we can agree on a few essentials to ensure the survival of such a chaotic schedule.

Time management
For those of us who decide to brave the journey of a chaotic life to get a degree, we know time management is key. Organizing your time and having a day planner handy might save you from overbooking events and over committing. Juggling bills, meetings, class times, and homework is not an easy task. It can get a little tricky when you attend several different campuses and must drop your child off at school before you attempt to tackle your “to do” list. I have learned to block out time and stick to a pre-scheduled plan. Of course there will always be times when things fall out of place and I am playing catch up. We all know you don’t get a “pass” card because your child was vomiting throughout the night the day before a big final. Prioritizing your time is the key to getting through the chaos. Remind yourself that it is ok to delay outings with your friends if you have work to get done. A real friend will understand.

It’s my life, and I will cry if I want to.
There have been plenty of times I have had to break down and cry on the car drive from work to class. I am sure I am not the only one. You may lose your composure and be completely stressed out. No one said getting an education while raising kids was a walk in the park. So, if you are like me, a few tears every now and then are simply expected. If you don’t stress out, quite frankly, you just may not be human.

You may not always get the grade.
Single parents may not have the luxury of fully diving into their studies and spending countless hours on school projects. You have to remind yourself that life may prevent you from handing in your best work, but don’t get discouraged. With some planning and personal understanding, you will survive the chaos and reach your goal to graduate. Just remember that several single parents have successfully completed their degrees and you can too.

GCC professor to speak at Avondale’s Black History Month celebration

GCC professor and counselor Bruce Thomas will be presenting “My Life as a Crow” at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 8, in the Avondale Center Library located at 11350 W. Civic Center Drive in Avondale. Entrance and parking is free.

Bruce Thomas has been at Glendale Community College since 1991. Thomas is a Fulbright recipient, has been listed in the Who’s Who among American College Teachers and has taught in Germany and China.

For more information about the City of Avondale’s Black History Month celebration call 623-333-2602 or visit the Avondale website.