The Final Stretch

We’re in the final stretch this semester guys and I hope it has been great for all of you. Some of you will be moving on, some of have just started. But for most of you, like me, this semester has been a continuation of our time at GCC.

For me the semester always ends very different from the way I planned it, and that’s a good thing. I believe that speaks to flexibility, there are many opportunities here. I had a very tough start to my semester, and had to drop a couple classes, for me this was very tough. But you know, making changes is ok, I was able to re-group and get involved in internships, and get a lot of new experience and leadership skills. By the end of this semester I will have completed 15 credit hours, including an Internship, Communication Volunteerism, and a spot on the Forensics Speech and Debate Team. I went in a completely different direction, and it couldn’t have turned out better. I have met some incredible new people, and have put in almost 200 hours of volunteer work, which has helped boost my credibility. I would recommend using these resources at GCC, go to Counseling and Career Services and find your direction, meet with an Academic Advisor and set your plan, you will be glad you did.


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