Get Plugged In

Student clubs are a great way to get you connected to Glendale Community College and more involved with the college. Being involved in a club or an organization helps you build meaningful relationships and gives you that extra motivation to stay disciplined in college. As you become more involved, you build a support system, a circle of friends who have your best interests in minds, and will  be there for eachother to get through some of the more trying times in college… such as finals.

Becoming part of something, like a student organization, or one of the 40 or more clubs we have here at GCC, provides you with a social outlet. You begin to view school as more than just classrooms and textbooks, because as some would argue, “the best learning takes place outside the classroom”. Now studies come first, but to really learn, you must stretch your mind and extend your worldviews. It all starts with a visit to the student leadership department in the student union, I encourage you all to take a leap of faith, you can’t imagine where it will take you, good luck on your journey, I hope to see some of you very soon.

If you’d like to join a club and you aren’t sure where to start, you can follow our Club Fridays postings here on the blog and read about a new club every couple of weeks! You can also visit the GCC web site for a full listing of campus groups.


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