The Fire Inside

I cannot believe it has been almost two semesters since the last time I wrote a blog post! Now, here I am writing for the official Glendale Community College blog.

Wow, time proves to be quite elusive, as are most abstractions. But my good friends it feels wonderful to be writing to you all as I sit here behind my desk in my department here at GCC. As I look around I see so many eager young minds thirsting for knowledge, ready to take on the world. And then there are the adult students, or as I like to call them “the veterans.” They have been through some of the world’s trials and tribulations. They look a little tired, a little weathered, but you can still see the fire burning inside them.

I always think, what drives people? Because surely, we all have distinct, unique motivations. Power, wealth, career, fame, education. For me I feel it’s a blessing that I have found my direction so early, or, at least, I think I have. I love people, I feel it’s my obligation to help people. Every morning I wake up with this motivation, and it fills me with so much energy. I walk among this campus, I see so many of you, and I applaud you all, being a student is the hardest job on the planet, bar none.

But, what is so fascinating about college, is this is where we learn balance, time management and discipline. I live by this simple philosophy: Work smart; not hard. Of course, there are times where you must put your nose to the grind stone and put in an insane amount of hours. But I beg of you, once in awhile give yourself a break, we all deserve a break. I know as a student, sometimes it feels as if I’m drowning. But I have worked so hard to associate myself with great people at GCC, and that support system I know, can get me through anything, if I work through the hard times. That is what all of us must do. Making smart life choices pays off; help is all around you, so have the courage to reach out and grab it.


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