NAU meets with GCC president and her staff

Pictured left to right: Gary Marrer (Dean, GCC), Margaret Kirkland (NAU), Janet Bauer (NAU), Ann Arthur (NAU), Doug Small (Dean, NAU), Irene Kovala, (President, GCC), Fernando Camou (Dean, GCC), Tanya Martinez (NAU), Rachell Hall (Dean, GCC), Ron Natale (VP, GCC), and Norma Peru-Ray (NAU).

On Monday, October 24, Glendale Community College administrators and staff from Northern Arizona University, North Valley (NV) Extended Campuses posed for a picture after an update meeting that introduced GCC’s new president and current staff to NAU’s newest program offerings and partnership progress on the GCC campus. NAU NV and Glendale Community College are working together to build an education partnership and to identify cost effective degree pathways for all students. NAU Glendale is currently recruiting for their new Bachelor of Administration and Technology Management programs. For a list of the current degree options visit the NAU Glendale website here.


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