NAU@GCC Student Voices

I was quite tentative of starting a satellite program with NAU in Glendale, as I was unsure of the class sizes, staff, and the pace in which the classes would move.

I can say that a month into the program, I’m thoroughly impressed with how this has been moving!  The class sizes are small thus far, allowing for more 1 on 1 interaction between students and instructors.  The professors are fantastic; they’ve been very understanding of the fact that their students are mostly new to NAU and have been helpful with ensuring that we are all on the same page.  The classes are fast paced, but haven’t been difficult to keep up with.

I would recommend this program to anyone who’d like to complete their bachelor’s but aren’t interested in the crowds at a major university.

Chris Rowles
BS Interdisciplinary in Technology Management

I really like the 305W class at GCC the Instructor is great and the class is very small so we are able to have a great deal of interaction.

Thank you to NAU for all the help and support you have provided in starting this program I really appreciate it.

Kevin Cullens
BS Interdisciplinary Studies in Technology Management


One thought on “NAU@GCC Student Voices

  1. Nice post Chris. I have to agree 100 percent about our class. I really do enjoy it (even though I can never get everything in on time). And I do like GCC too because that what I know (at least as their central campus is concerned) and it’s the perfect time for NAU to expand and make something of this.
    Todd R. Janko

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