When does homecoming week start?

November 4 is the homecoming game. So homecoming week will start October 31! We’re excited!

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Fish of Japan

As part of my sabbatical, I will survey the fishes of the Kii Peninsula, a southern extension of the main island of Honshu that is swept by the Kuroshio Current. This current brings larvae of tropical fish and coral (etc.) to this otherwise temperate island. I will make a series of dives at the southern tip of this peninsula later this month, at the town of Kushimoto.

It took me nearly 10 years to be able to dive in Japan, and it continues to be difficult. In many places, you have to pay the fishermen to be ‘allowed into their ocean’! Fortunately I have some strong connections now, that ease the issue. But I still have to pay. It can even be difficult to even approach a tide pool! Last Friday, I went on a museum/city beach walk program – mostly young kids and mothers. We were told that we could not go to the beach on our own – only with the guide and with special permission. We were also told to ‘leave the organisms where you find them. They are not yours. They are the fishermen’s!’ Continue reading

NAU @ GCC offers graduate courses too!

Greetings to all GCC faculty and staff from Northern Arizona University! Did you know that NAU is not only on your campus to serve the needs of your students but we are also here to serve your educational needs? We offer many master’s degrees both in-person or online. At only $355 per credit hour for graduate coursework, an affordable high-quality graduate degree is easily within your reach. Some of our more popular degrees with higher educational professionals are the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership/Community College, M.Ed. in Human Relations or the Master of Administration/Leadership. Our East Valley office also offers the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. As the Graduate Coordinator for the North and West Valley offices in NAU, I can connect you with the right person to start on your path toward a graduate degree. Call Diana Nelson at 602.776.4630 or email me at diana.nelson@nau.edu. Don’t wait; call today!

Japan’s innovative recycling and energy conservation takes “green” to a whole new level

Hello Glendale Community College! Hope you had a great summer and are ready for Fall 2011. I wanted to start the school year off with a great news item about recycling and energy use in Japan.

Kyoto City officials reported that Kyoto’s garbage has been reduced by 40 percent over the last 10 years to a current level of 498,000 metric tons (Kyoto Shimbun newspaper, July 9, 2011). Continue reading