Hello from NAU@GCC

Hello GCC students! Did you know that Northern Arizona University has a location right here on your campus offering a variety of bachelor’s degree choices? This means you can continue learning, without ever leaving. Awesome, right?

Starting this fall semester, we will have two new degrees: a BAS in Administration and a BA or BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Technology Management.

The BAS in Administration is designed for students who do not seek a traditional bachelor’s degree in business but who want the knowledge and skills to hold a variety of administrative and management positions in the private sector. Courses will help you develop critical thinking, communication, management, and leaderships skills – everything you need for positions such as sales managers, office managers, project managers, or other positions. Finally, a degree for those who want non-business office jobs!

The best part? If you already have an AAS from Glendale Community College, you can transfer up to 75 of your credits to the NAU program!

The BA/BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Technology Management is designed to provide students with a general knowledge of management, organizational, and policy issues that impact the field of information technology. This program is excellent if you’re already in the field and desire career advancement opportunities. You’ll receive additional training in project management, MIS systems, emerging technologies, policies and practices in IT, and you’ll expand your knowledge of technology. You could become a leader or manager in your next technology project. In order to pursue this degree, you need an AAS in a computer or technology field (or have proven experience), but you’ll be able to transfer up to 90 credits.

So why choose NAU for your bachelor’s program? First off, compare prices. We know choosing a college is a tough decision, but we also know that cost plays a major role in making up your mind. NAU is the cheapest of the three major universities in Arizona, and is significantly lower than the private schools.

Secondly, these programs are designed specifically for the community college student who is often already juggling work and family. Classes for these programs are convenient (on the GCC campus) and you can attend class just one evening a week to stay on track.

Finally, it’s Northern Arizona University! We are fully accredited and recognized nationally, internationally and by any one of your possible future employers. You may just decide to join us up north one day 🙂

If you have any questions about these programs, or the other bachelor’s programs we offer catered solely to Glendale Community College graduates you can contact me at 602-776-4621 or email me at margaret.kirkland@nau.edu. I plan to blog for you all semester and keep you up to date with everything happening here at NAU@GCC. We’ll also be on campus many times during both fall and spring semesters so be sure to drop by and say hi!


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