Why would somebody get put on academic suspension?

Awesome question!

Academic suspension isn’t as common as academic probation. So right now we will tell you about academic probation, if you’re sure you are wondering about academic suspension go ahead and leave us a comment and we’ll dig up that information too 🙂

In short, a student will be placed on academic probation if their grade point average (GPA) drops below our accepted range.

If you have completed 12-15 credit hours, your GPA must be at least a 1.60. For 16-30 hours, it should be 1.75 or higher. For 31-45 hours, 1.90 and for 46 or more credit hours you need to have at least a 2.0 GPA.

If you are on academic probation, you are only allowed to take up to 12 credit hours per semester. If you still fail to bring up your GPA, you will only be allowed to take 6 credit hours per semester.

If you are struggling and need help with any classes, please remember that we have lots of resources for you! To get started, check out the Center for Learning, The Math Solution and the Writing Center.

Hope this helps! Like we said, if you still need information about academic suspension, leave us a comment. Thanks for the question!


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