Departure and Arrival

Sunday, May 15th. It is finally time to leave! As I depart from Sky Harbor International Airport, my wife and girls take part in the Spring Ebisu Matsuri (festival) in Gion, a district of Kyoto famous for their Geiko (aka Geisha) and Maiko (young Geiko).

Ebisu is the ‘patron saint’ of divers (Ama) and fishermen, the focus of my sabbatical. He also provides safe passage for travelers. This festival consists of a three-hour parade through the streets of Gion.

Ebisu shrine at the start of the festival

Ebisu inside his portable shrine

Kids pulling a small shrine of Ebisu (my daughters, Marina & Ami are wearing pink shirts)

I arrive in Osaka Monday night, May 16th, after a 26-hour journey. The next day I visit the Ebisu shrine and place an ema (wooden prayer tile) at the shrine.

Arrival at Itami airport, Osaka, with Marina & Ami

At the Ebisu shrine in Gion, standing next to a statue of Ebisu

Hanging an ema for a successful year of travels with the fishers & divers of Japan


3 thoughts on “Departure and Arrival

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  2. hey dr. reavis,
    glad to see you made it safely over there be careful will be checking your blog hope to see you when you return i miss your humor at times see you often on your blogs your family is beautiful

  3. Greetings Dr. Reavis!

    I heard about your fish studies in Japan through another student… I wish you and your family a fun and safe time there.

    Post lots of pictures…
    P.S. Your daughters are adorable!

    Yareli Maez

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