Carrying Concealed Weapons

With Arizona’s recent law change concerning carrying concealed weapons, it is now more important than ever to know what you can and cannot do with your personal firearms.

Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 13, Chapter 3102 Misconduct Involving Weapons was changed in 2009, stating that anyone over the age of 21 can carry a legal firearm concealed with or without a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit. However, do you know you can carry only in some places? If you want to be able to carry concealed in restricted locations, you need to have a permit. (*Note: having a CCW permit still does not allow you to carry in places where firearms are legally prohibited, such as schools).

Earning a permit does more for you than just allow you to carry a concealed weapon. Much like a college degree shows your knowledge and credibility in a specific area, obtaining a concealed carry weapons permit can prove your skills and responsibility with using a firearm as well as your knowledge of the pertaining laws.

If you travel out of the state, there are 32 other states in the country that recognize Arizona’s CCW permit. Without your CCW permit, you are not able to carry concealed in any of these states.

In addition, without a CCW permit, you must have a background check every time you want to purchase a new firearm. Because part of the process of getting your CCW permit includes a background check, you don’t have to go through this every time you go to purchase a weapon*.

Glendale Community College offers courses preparing you to apply for a concealed carry weapons permit certificate. Firearms I is specifically designed to meet the training requirements for the Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit and is designed for those not experienced or knowledgeable about firearms. In this course, you will spend 12 hours in the classroom and four hours at the shooting range. During the classroom portion, you will use the MILO firearms training simulator that will expose you to scenarios where you determine the level of force needed to address a potential life threatening situation. Ultimately, you will be able to submit your certificate to the Arizona Department of Public Safety to receive your CCW permit. If you are already comfortable using firearms, AJS151AA (Concealed Weapon Certification) only has four hours of classroom time and four hours of range time before you can submit your application to DPS.

If you’re a beginner who took Firearms I and you’ve received your CCW permit but you’d still like more training on actual weapon usage, you can sign up for Firearms II and Firearms III. These two courses are held entirely at the shooting range, with no classroom time and include shooting further distances and shorter times, defensive tactic position shooting and shooting a wide variety of firearms including the more exotic weapons.

Thinking about more real-life situations? The GCC Home & Vehicle Defense class can help you become more comfortable in this area. With eight hours in the classroom, and eight hours on the range, you will learn how to keep yourself secure within your home and vehicle while taking into account the different designs or layouts and equipment. Here, you will learn methods to protect yourself.

The classroom portion of each of these training classes takes place on Glendale Community College campus and the range portion of the course is taught at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. For more information about these or other similar classes, contact Geoffrey Leggett at 623-845-3951 or email

Current law enforcement officers can find information specific to AzPOST certified training at GCC by visiting the blog entry about it here. GCC also offers retired officers the opportunity to become LEOSA certified.

*Note: It is your responsibility to know proper gun and CCW permit laws and regulations at all times. This blog post is not to be used in lieu of actual legal advise or counsel.


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