Back to the Mountain: GCC’s Dr. Sly travels with a team to bring relief to Tanzanians

Two years ago, Darol Kubacz, a paraplegic, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro on a hand cycle. He is the only para to summit the mountain without assistance. After his decent from the mountain, he entered the community of Moshi, Tanzania Africa. Having a heart for others with physical challenges, Darol asked to meet with the disabled community in the village of Moshi to offer encouragement and help.

Unbelievably, people came out of the woodwork expressing their great need for medical equipment and a better quality of life. Darol promised the disabled community of Moshi that he would return with chairs and other needed equipment.

That’s where I come in… my name is Cheryl Sly and I teach nutrition classes at Glendale Community College in Arizona. My fiance is Darol Kubacz. At the time, when Darol promised the people of Moshi that he’d be back with medical equipment, we didn’t know how we would do it. Over the course of two years, through car washes, sales and some good Samaritans, we have managed to build support, gather supplies and finance a trip back to Africa.

So in just a few short weeks, on May 29, our team of 10 will depart Phoenix to spend more than 17 days serving, giving love and educating the Moshi people about the importance of nutrition and hygiene for health and survival. We will also provide wheelchairs, walkers and other devices to the disabled community of Moshi. Along with that, we will serve the community and help out in any way needed doing such things as building, painting, dispersing vitamins and most importantly, loving on the kids!

Specifically, we are embarking on a mission to work with young boys who live in an orphanage in Tanzania. These young boys no longer have parents due to HIV/AIDS, other illnesses or the homelessness due to the parents’ inability to afford their kids.

We are blessed and very excited about this amazing opportunity. Along the way I’ll be sharing some adventures, so stay tuned!


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