Be a Hip Square on Foursquare: The official Glendale Community College foursquare guide

The Glendale Community College foursquare is here! Want to check-in at Glendale Community College and earn the most badges and points possible? Get ready for prizes, challenges and contests. Why? Just because we like ya!

Don’t know how to get started? Use this guide to check-in at GCC.

If you’re not using foursquare already, start by going to and creating an account. Once you’ve ventured into the world of foursquare, you can download an application onto an Android or Apple phone. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can an extension for Firefox that allows you to check-in via your internet browser called Foursquarefox. When you’re at home, out on the town, at the doctor’s office or even in bed you can check-in to your location and share a “shout” with friends. You’ll earn points, become a leading adventurer and get deals from companies and places such as GCC that participate in the foursquare environment. One of the most prestigious titles on foursquare is that of Mayor. To become Mayor of a venue on the site, you have to be the most frequent visitor. Lots of companies offer better deals only for their Mayor. By the way, foursquare is completely FREE!

So what venues do we have on campus? Well, we have over 50 of them! To get a good idea of all the buildings on campus, visit this map. In addition to the buildings, other campus venues on Foursquare include: Grounds for Thought, Racquetball Courts, Pool, Tennis Courts, Softball Field, Baseball Field, Soccer Field, Golf Course, Central Mall and Chartwell’s Palms Cafe.

Here’s a tip to help you find all of Glendale Community College’s venues on Foursquare, search “GCC.” It’s simple and quick to type (yeah, we did that on purpose) and all of the venue names will match what is shown on the map! If you want to check into the campus as a whole, we kept that one named as Glendale Community College. You can even check into Glendale Community College North campus!

If you have a venue you want to check in to, go ahead and add it to Foursquare of course! But, if you want a chance to win a prize for checking into that venue, just drop us a line and let us know what you added. We can’t run contests if we don’t know it exists!

For now, we ask that you check into the building, not individual classrooms or offices. This helps us keep track of our venues so we can run contests and give you prizes! (Could you imagine how many venues we’d have if each classroom was listed!?) For example, if you are visiting the ACE Plus office, check into the “GCC A Building” location which is the administration building on campus and home to ACE Plus. If you are headed to math class and have some minutes to kill, check into the “GCC MA Building,” not a classroom number. Thank you!

When you check into the building, you can always add a shout with specifics such as “Attending an awesome workshop in the ACE Plus office!”

So what are you waiting for? Sign up, check in and maybe you’ll become the next Mayor of Glendale Community College.

Note: All of GCC’s buildings are already in the Foursquare database, so no cheating to become Mayor by creating your own venue! 🙂


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