Tracking the Mythical Kappa Creature in Japan (Part I)

Fushimi-ku is the largest section of Kyoto, famous for its artesian water and excellent sake breweries. One of the largest brewers, Kizakura Co., Ltd, adopted the fantasy kappa icon as their logo decades ago. In 1995 they opened Kizakura Kappa Country at the site of their historic brewery. Kizakura Kappa Country combines a restaurant and pub with two museums: one dedicated to brewing, the other to kappa. It was here that I first discovered kappa and began my research into these mythical creatures…

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‘Kujira to Ikiru’ (Living with Whales) premiered Sunday on Japanese TV: A documentary about Taiji whalers after ‘The Cove’

Sunday night, May 22, NHK* TV broadcast a new documentary about whaling, Kujira to Ikiru (Living with Whales). The film was shot in Taiji, a town famous for its 400-year whaling tradition, and more recently for its dolphin hunting – the focus of last year’s Oscar-winning documentary, ‘The Cove’. Whereas ‘The Cove’ focused on the plight of dolphins, this film is concerned with the whalers and their families. It is a story of personal and familial upheaval under the enormous anger focused on this small town for conducting their traditional pursuits.

Kujira to Ikiru follows the whalers of Taiji over the last whaling season, September 2010-February 2011. [See below for a basic description of Taiji whaling.] Scenes from their daily life are interwoven with scenes from ‘The Cove,’ more recent scenes of conflict with members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and scenes of whalers and their families. Continue reading

Why would somebody get put on academic suspension?

Awesome question!

Academic suspension isn’t as common as academic probation. So right now we will tell you about academic probation, if you’re sure you are wondering about academic suspension go ahead and leave us a comment and we’ll dig up that information too 🙂

In short, a student will be placed on academic probation if their grade point average (GPA) drops below our accepted range.

If you have completed 12-15 credit hours, your GPA must be at least a 1.60. For 16-30 hours, it should be 1.75 or higher. For 31-45 hours, 1.90 and for 46 or more credit hours you need to have at least a 2.0 GPA.

If you are on academic probation, you are only allowed to take up to 12 credit hours per semester. If you still fail to bring up your GPA, you will only be allowed to take 6 credit hours per semester.

If you are struggling and need help with any classes, please remember that we have lots of resources for you! To get started, check out the Center for Learning, The Math Solution and the Writing Center.

Hope this helps! Like we said, if you still need information about academic suspension, leave us a comment. Thanks for the question!

18 Classes You May Have Overlooked When Registering for Summer & Fall Semesters at Glendale Community College Main Campus

Before you finalize your summer and fall schedules, you need to read through these 18 classes that you may not have thought about before. This list has a little bit for everyone whether you are creative, a bit nervous about college or looking to get into shape. Complete with photos & videos, this list is sure to get you thinking about registering for next semester. But sign up soon, now that this list is out, classes may fill up fast!

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Departure and Arrival

Sunday, May 15th. It is finally time to leave! As I depart from Sky Harbor International Airport, my wife and girls take part in the Spring Ebisu Matsuri (festival) in Gion, a district of Kyoto famous for their Geiko (aka Geisha) and Maiko (young Geiko).

Ebisu is the ‘patron saint’ of divers (Ama) and fishermen, the focus of my sabbatical. He also provides safe passage for travelers. This festival consists of a three-hour parade through the streets of Gion. Continue reading