International Pet-Peeve: Smoking

Today, millions of people smoke. Why do people smoke and how can we avoid smoking? Well, let me tell you something. I think people smoke because of stress: stress at work, school, from the parents, children – stress everywhere. In Africa, especially Congo Brazzaville, people smoke less because there is not that much stress since we work as a community – no matter if it is a job or school. Even though each and everyone of us have some kind of stress, we still don’t have excuses to smoke.

For example, if a girl who is seventeen asks her parents to go to the prom and the parents say no to her, that shouldn’t be a reason for her to start smoking because she will be upset and maybe start crying.

Another example would be a thirty year old person who needs to pay the electricity and the house bills at the end of the month, but the paycheck did not provide enough money to pay the bills. That person would be upset and scared due to the fact that he/she could be homeless or don’t have any light. Even though this is a big proponent to stress, the person shouldn’t start smoking. Instead, he/she should go to someone close to him/her and ask for a loan.

Those two examples proves that everyone have problems. The solution is not to start smoking, but to find the answers to the problems. Moreover, if people stop smoking, we will have less people dying of kidney and lung diseases every year.


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