Life as a student

Some people think being a student is not a job. Those people are wrong because going to school is an everyday job. Even though, students don’t get paid, we still have to work hard to have As, so it will be easy to have scholarships or even get in a big school like Harvard.

Students are always under pressure because once there is a B or C in our GPA, that decreases the chances of going to a good school. So, all students always have to make sure the grade at the end of the semester is an A or a B to stay in the range of having a high GPA like 3.5 and above.

In addition, in order to have good grades, students have to give up a lot of things like going dancing, hanging out with friends and family. Basically, just going out gets canceled from the list of things a student can do. On the other hand, some students still decide to party and those are the ones who have bad grades in school or even worse drop out of school. That is why I think being a student needs to be taken seriously because school is a job without pay.


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