One African Woman

Hi! This is Reine, Dianzinga

Today I will talk about the differences between women from Africa and women from Arizona.

Women from Africa have a lot of duties. We have to go to school and have a good education, at the same time our family has to agree to the type of majors we choose to study. Even though that is what most African parents do, my mother still let my sisters and i  choose our own majors with all her support. In addition, we have to get married by a certain age (like under forty), so people don’t start laughing at the parents and the woman herself.

Even though we have to get married by forty, the parents and extended family have to agree to the man the woman chooses to marry. If that man does not happen to be on the family’s good side, the woman won’t get to marry that man. If the man really loves the woman, he can try to do everything in his power to try to please the family, so they change their mind. Most of the time, once the family makes a decision about the man, they don’t go back to their word. As a result, men in Africa are always scared to go see the parents because they don’t want to do the wrong move and not be able to see the woman again.

In addition, African women have to be well-mannered for the sake of the parents because if we don’t behave, people will say the parents didn’t give their children good manners and those people will always laugh at the whole family. We are not allowed to do anything on our body like piercing, tattoos, etc….

Women in the U.S. have more freedom. They do whatever they want. Some go to parties at night and come back the next day, get piercings anywhere on their body, and also have one or more tattoos on themselves and the parents don’t do anything to prevent it.  In my opinion, women from Africa take life more seriously than the women from the U.S.  Even though African parents are very strict, i still don’t envy American Women because i think my tradition is good for us because it help us stay in focus of life and everything that goes with it.  African tradition is good, so i will follow some of the rules with my children, but not be as strict as some African parents.


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